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    Lewis and Clark in North Dakota
    Creation Date: 1948
    Catalog ID: 2013.154.69
    Call Number: 979.512/L585nd/1948
    347 page illustrated book (23x15.5 cm.) consisting of the original manuscript journals of Lewis and Clark and the text of the Biddle edition during the time the expedition remained in North Dakota. With explanatory notes by Russel Reid. Includes [24] leaves of plates (some folded) including maps. Includes index. Published in Bismarck, ND 1947-1948.
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    Over the Applegate Trail to Oregon in 1846
    Creation Date: 1996
    Catalog ID: 2013.168.29.1
    Call Number: 979.5/W385ov/1996
    182 page illustrated book (22x14 cm.) by Bert Webber, consisting of description of the Applegate branch of the Oregon Trail, including the unabridged diary of Virgil K. Pringle, with genealogy added by Anne Billeter. Includes maps and "Driving the Trail in the Black Rock Desert Today." Also includes bibliographical references (p. 174-178) and index. Published in Medford, OR in 1996.
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    Eliza Jane Meeker Diary
    Creation Date: 1889-1890
    Catalog ID: 1919.
    Call Number: Ms 2 Box 11
    Diary entry, compiled by Eliza Jane Meeker (Sumner) describing a trip that she and Ezra Meeker made to Washington DC, New York, and other eastern cities in 1889-1890; diary entry for Feb. 18, 1890, describing attendance at the National Woman Suffrage Convention, in Washington DC. Part of Ms 2, Box 11, Envelope 3 Folder 4. The entry covers Monday, 17th - Thursday, 20th, with a mention about the National American Woman Suffrage Convention on the 18th.
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    Robert G. Walker papers
    Creation Date: 1891-1901
    Catalog ID: 1998.52.1
    Call Number: MsSC 115
    Robert Gile Walker was born in 1869 in Springfield, Illinois. Moving to Washington in 1888, Walker joined the Washington National Guard for three years, working as a Sergeant. In 1890, Walker formed a real estate partnership with Paul Dakin in Tacoma. Between 1897 and 1901, Walker made five trips to the Klondike and Nome in search of gold. After his fifth and final exploration in Nome, Alaska, Walker returned to Tacoma, where he married Marie Katherine Heilig in 1901 and continued to run a successful real estate business. He died on April 24, 1943. The papers of Robert G. Walker cover the years 1891 to 1901 and include correspondence, a diary and diary excerpts, financial documents and statements, newspaper clippings, legal documents, and photographs. Legal documents such as quit-claim deeds, grubstake agreements, and placer mining claims comprise about half of the collection and primarily detail the formation of Walker’s mining operation in the Klondike and Nome, his partnership with Vose and Dakin, and the securing of the rights to mine the claims.
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    Margaret Long diary
    Creation Date: 1926-1931
    Catalog ID: 2008.116.5
    Call Number: MsSC 211
    Margaret R. Long (1892-1966) moved with her parents to Tacoma in 1900, where her father, George S. Long, was operating manager for the Weyerhaeuser Timber Company. Neither she nor her sister, Helen, ever married, but remained in the family home caring their parents. Both were extremely active in local and national women’s clubs. Margaret’s involvement included the Aloha Club, Tacoma Junior League, Daughters of the American Revolution, Franke Tobey Jones Home, Ocreda Club, Tacoma Garden Club, Tacoma Lawn and Tennis Club, Tacoma Smith College Club, and the Sunset Club of Seattle. She served as an officer in most of these organizations. The volume, a five-year “A Line a Day” diary, covers the years 1926-1931. Entries are usually brief, but cover a wide range of subjects: meetings of various organizations, travel, weather, death of her father, social engagements, health, shopping, etc.
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    Sadie (Sarah) G. Miller diaries
    Creation Date: 1934-1983
    Catalog ID: 2001.72.1
    Call Number: Ms 93
    Diaries kept by Sadie (Sarah Grace) Miller, Seattle housewife and clerk at Rhodes Department Store, 1934-1983. Detailed observations about working as a sales clerk, World War II homefront, and the declining health of her mother, husband, and subsequent widowhood.
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    Manley-Moore Lumber Company diary
    Creation Date: 1922-1924
    Catalog ID: 1994.70.234
    Call Number: MsSC 89
    Manley-Moore Lumber Company established operations in the vicinity of Fairfax, WA. The company had an extensive logging operation and a mill. To move logs to the mill from the timber above the mill site, Manley-Moore built a railway. The operation was a typical “company town,” with a store, company-owned dwellings, an amusement hall, a dance hall, a hotel, and a doctor’s office. The diary was kept by an unidentified engineer in the employ of Manley-Moore Lumber Company. There are daily entries detailing the construction of a logging railroad and incline from the mill in Fairfax to the company’s timber holdings. The diarist discusses weather, constructions supplies, problems, injuries, activities at “Italian Camp,” details or railroad location and construction. Entries are brief, but concise.
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    Josephine Polson Calkins diary
    Creation Date: 1896-1899
    Catalog ID: C1981.25X.2
    Call Number: MsSC 268
    Josephine Polson (1867-1932), was born in Sweden and came with her parents to the United States in 1868, settling near Ottumwa, IA. Heading west on the Union Pacific Railroad to San Francisco in 1871, the family traveled north via steamship to Portland, OR and walked overland to Olympia, W.T., and proceeded to Skagit County by canoe. Josephine married William Calkins in 1892. They farmed on Brown’s Slough until moving to Mt. Vernon in 1919. The diary contains nearly daily entries between February 15, 1892 and June 24, 1899. The brief entries detail the life of a farm wife, Josephine Polson Calkins, in the late 19th century in rural Skagit County. She notes the weather, daily activities, and work. Skagit County, (Wash.), Mount Vernon (Wash.), Washington Territory, Swedes in WA.
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    Llewellyn T. Seavey papers
    Creation Date: 1871-1927
    Catalog ID: S1991.38.3
    Call Number: MsSC 48
    Llewellyn T. Seavey was born on 27 November 1856 in San Francisco, CA to James and Julia A. (née Carle) Seavey. After a short period there the family moved to Port Ludlow, WT and later Port Townsend. Seavey’s father became county auditor and postmaster and clerk of the third judicial district court of the territory of Washington for many years. Seavey attended Bishop Scott's grammar school at Portland, OR and later studied medicine at the University of California. He worked as a police surgeon and then joined the Pacific Mail Steamship Company as a surgeon. Seavey later settled in Port Townsend and opened a medical practice. Seavey passed away on 23 October 1932. The collection contains a letter-diary and a diary kept by Seavey during his service in the Pacific Mail Steamship Company detailing shipboard life and medical cases. There is a letter from Vandelia Hogan describing her sister’s illness and death from breast cancer. Also included is Seavey’s Medical record visiting list, or physician’s diary.There is a volume of Record of Examinations performed by the Board of U.S. Examining Surgeons, Bureau of Pensions at Port Townsend. It includes extensive detail of examinations performed on veterans making application for various pension adjustments.
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    Daniel Ames Bigelow Civil War diaries and correspondence
    Catalog ID: 2018.0.55
    Call Number: MsSC 279
    Civil War diaries and correspondence of Daniel Ames Bigelow.