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    Dollhouse furniture
    Creation Date: 1920-1970
    Catalog ID: 1999.22.73
    Toy bed for dollhouse made of varnished brown wood. Rounded headboard and footboard both have raised section at middle. Sides ribbed. Incised on middle of bed inbetween diagonal lines coming from corners of incised rectangle is fleur-de-lis. No maker's marks.
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    Creation Date: 1800-1900?
    Catalog ID: 1944.38.21
    Tray/plate made of pewter, 19th century?, from Europe/Italy? Round flat base with short sides which extend into wider rim edge. Rim is flat; edging extends above rim and has slightly wide scalloped effect, giving edge 12 sides. Four raised border lines in edging. Engraved into center of plate is large coat of arms with curled line border around it. Coat of arms is shield shaped with point at bottom and notched upper corners. Shield divided into four parts. Upper left and lower right have fleur de lis forms against horizontal line background. Upper right and lower left sections have similar designs of two stars on either side of stacked triangles.
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    [demitasse cup and saucer]
    Creation Date: 1890-1930?
    Catalog ID: 1969.41.19
    Small demitasse type cup and saucer, white bone china. Tall, round cup with round pedestal foot. gold trim around rim, base, handle and body. Below rim is blue band. Decorative element of fleur-de-lis with long blue stems with tiny yellow accents on either side. Same design and color repeated on saucer. Small round depression for cup at center of saucer.
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    [demitasse cup and saucer]
    Creation Date: 1890-1930?
    Catalog ID: 1969.41.24
    Small demitasse type cup and saucer, white bone china with blue decoration of laurel wreaths and fleur-de-lis like forms on both saucer and interior of cup. Small, shallow cup has flat pedestal foot with beading around edge. Cup sides extend upward in two tiers, with slightly flaring rim. Small curved handle edged in gold. Blue stripe on outer side. Blue stripe around cup's foot and shoulder area. Beading is repeated around scalloped edge of raised saucer rim. Round depression at center for cup is edged in blue border.
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    [carriage clock]
    Creation Date: 1790-1820
    Catalog ID: 1974.7.9
    French carriage clock, ca. 1790-1820. With two train movement striking hours and half hours on a gong. With glazed polish brass case, English lever platform escapement. Wooden door has 1) "Nocturno Quadrille.von"; and 2) "Tanzi Bari Polka von". printed on it. Back of works on top has "C.SOCHY & SOF___&E"
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    [pair of Boy Scouts of America pins]
    Creation Date: ca. 1950s - 1980s
    Catalog ID: 2016.24.192
    Pair (a, b) of Boy Scouts of America pins, ca. 1950s - 1980s. Fleur de lis shaped pins made of gold color metal with safety pin clutches. At center is U.S. eagle with U.S. shield. One star is below each wing. 2016.24.182a has a gold color safety pin clutch. 2016.24.182b has a silver color safety pin clutch.
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    [sales sample bracket]
    Creation Date: 1920-1930
    Catalog ID: 1995.42.48
    Bracket with fleur-de-lis top, descending to a reverse scroll, then to forward scroll in ram's horn shape. Two holes for mounting. By Michael Uttendorfer, 1920-1930.
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    [pair of saucers]
    Creation Date: 1916-1929
    Catalog ID: c1971.36.8
    Pair of saucers (a, b) made of semi-vitreous porcelain by the French China Company, 1916-1929. Both with round raised base rims with smaller ridge on interior; curved sides and slightly scalloped rim edge. Gold trim on rim above dark blue and molded scroll/crescent shapes. Over dark blue to white area on sides is decoration of round gilt wreaths with scalloped line of gilt flowers between. Printed in blue on back: [mfg. mark of fleur-de-lis ]; La Francaise/semi-vitreous/AB
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    [regimenal distinguishing unit pin]
    Creation Date: 1900-1925?
    Catalog ID: 2007.0.117
    Regimental distinguishing unit type pin, 1900-1925. S.N. Meyer, 1900-1925? Made in shape of shield of gold tone metal with straight pin fastener and C shaped clasp. Elaborate curlicue gold border. At center is dark blue enameled section with three white enameled fleur-de-lis forms. At center top is bi-lobed crown with center in red enamel. Dark blue for infantry. Fleur-de-lis shows service in France, World War I.
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    [souvenir plate]
    Creation Date: 1960-1980?
    Catalog ID: 2004.0.444
    Souvenir plate made of white ceramic with transfer print decoration. Round; rounded raised base; raised sides. Sloping rim above depressed round center. At center of plate is round decal with color illustrations of sites in Oregon. At center is gold color filled map of Oregon with sprig of Oregon grape. Around it are illustrations of a beaver, the Astor Column, road along Oregon coast, Fort Vancouver, a settler's home, a logging train, mill and lumber flume, State Capitol building, Crater Lake, Bonneville Dam, a girl diving, a covered wagon, a ski lift above Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood, and Multnomah Falls. Rim edge is green with gold trim edging. Overall pattern of gold fleur de lis on the green background.