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    [souvenir plate]
    Creation Date: 1960-1980?
    Catalog ID: 2004.0.444
    Souvenir plate made of white ceramic with transfer print decoration. Round; rounded raised base; raised sides. Sloping rim above depressed round center. At center of plate is round decal with color illustrations of sites in Oregon. At center is gold color filled map of Oregon with sprig of Oregon grape. Around it are illustrations of a beaver, the Astor Column, road along Oregon coast, Fort Vancouver, a settler's home, a logging train, mill and lumber flume, State Capitol building, Crater Lake, Bonneville Dam, a girl diving, a covered wagon, a ski lift above Timberline Lodge at Mt. Hood, and Multnomah Falls. Rim edge is green with gold trim edging. Overall pattern of gold fleur de lis on the green background.
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    [shingle mill with log skid]
    Creation Date: ca. 1912
    Catalog ID: 2004.0.507.35
    Call Number: 2004.0.507.35
    Unidentified shingle mill with log skid in the background. Stacks of shingles are piled under a makeshift shed. A horse drawn wagon stacked with shingles in visible in the far right. Darius Kinsey, ca. 1912.
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    Lumber Mill
    Creation Date: ca. 1955
    Catalog ID: C1961.2.16
    Oil painting on plywood representing a scene at a logging mill in a valley. By Clarence L. Garner, ca. 1955. The mill buildings are in the background with logs coming down a flume into a mill pond. Two men are standing on logs in the pond and each is holding a long pole. Several other workmen are visible, one is reading a paper outside the mill office. Several trucks are leaving the mill loaded with milled lumber.