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    1930-Pasco Growers Assn.
    Creation Date: 1930
    Catalog ID: 1998.90.2.81
    Call Number: 1998.90.2.81
    Scene of a group of men, and apparently only one woman, standing around boxes of cantaloupes at a grading and packing plant of the Pasco Growers Association. A conveyer, with boxes at the far end, is at photo right.
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    Mayor Rolph Picnicing with Friends & Officers of 347th at Camp Lewis [Pierce County]
    Creation Date: May 18, 1918
    Catalog ID: 1957.64.A1571GL
    Call Number: 1957.64.A1571GL
    Black and white, close glass plate negative image of San Francisco, CA Mayor James Rolph, Jr., 2 women, and 14 friends and officers of the U.S. Army, 347th sitting on the ground around a picnic cloth at Camp Lewis, Pierce County, WA, May 18, 1918. The women, facing the camera, with napkins spread on their laps, appear to be sitting on low seats. The 4 civilian men, and army officers are seated on the ground around the cloth, some facing the photographer, They are eating from small plates. A display of fruit, 2 pitchers, and a salt and pepper set are on the cloth. One officer appears to be wearing a rain slicker. A wide, padded cushion is in the foreground. Two soldiers, with white jackets, apparently serving as waiters, stand to one side of the group.
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    Collection Item 64635
    Creation Date: ca. 1850?
    Catalog ID: 2004.0.623
    Dinner plate type plate made of white ceramic with overall dark red/pinkish transfer print. Round raised base rim, raised sides, raised and outward flaring rim with scalloped edging in tight and long scallops. At center is large format design of bird with long tail. Bird on branch with many fruits, including strawberries, peach and pear like forms, grapes, cherries and other fruits, as well as poppy like flowers. On edges and extending up into rim sides are three oval sections with still life forms of fruits and flowers in a basket. Curlicue forms with large circle designs inbetween each oval section. Scale like background in red. Rim edge is white with narrow dark red line with small diamond forms beneath it.
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    Collection Item 17559
    Creation Date: 1850-1930
    Catalog ID: 1959.93.1
    Fruit squeezer with two hinged wooden paddles. One paddle equipped with cylindrical bump and the opposing paddle with hollowed out cavity to recieve the opposite bump. Each of the two paddles has a cylindrical wooden handle. The paddles are made in a rectangluar shape. The Cavity of the juice squeezer has six holes for juice to flow through.
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    [fruit slicer]
    Creation Date: 1870-1900
    Catalog ID: 1994.1.281
    Metal fruit slicer with six unevenly spaced blade, 1870-1890. Sides of blades are cut to give bell shape to the slicer. Handle is metal and wide coming out from the base in a triangle. The handle, which was probably painted black, swivels freely on base. This is not a fruit corer because there is not a round hole in the middle of the blades.
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    [Produce Display, Western Washington Experiment Station, Puyallup, WA]
    Creation Date: 1910
    Catalog ID: 2015.30.26
    Call Number: 2015.30.26
    Black and white, close photographic image of a fruit and vegetable display from the Western Washington Experiment Station Farm in Puyallup, Pierce County, WA, 1910. Several varieties of squash, apples, and corn stalks are in the display. Personal message to Miss Ethel Jacobson, Eatonville, WA on reverse and postal cancellation. Edward Nolan Collection
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    Collection Item 54030
    Creation Date: 1844
    Catalog ID: 1895.1.668
    Image of fruit, No. 15 ("1844")
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    Collection Item 47687
    Creation Date: 2004
    Catalog ID: 2008.10.15
    Round, pin-back button advertising the value of eating fruits and vegetables. Yellow and white lettering on green background. Yellow lettering on edge. Advertisement of Metropolitan Market.
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    [gift card for Metropolitan Market]
    Creation Date: 2016
    Catalog ID: 2016.3.25
    Gift/debit card for Metropolitan Market, given as a Christmas gift, 2016. Parts include: a) card; b) envelope. Rectangular card made of plastic, turquoise blue on one side with an illustration of orange shopping cart with fruits and vegetables and white with black print and bar code on the other. Envelope made of stiff paper, orange with swirl, dot and star design on exterior. Flap fits into slot on front. Interior is white with orange designs. On flap interior are lines for writing gift information.
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    [souvenir ribbon for 38th annual encampment of the GAR, Dept. of Washington and Alaska, Yakima, WA, 1920]
    Creation Date: 1920
    Catalog ID: C2012.3.9
    Commemorative ribbon for the 38th annual encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Washington and Alaska and Woman's Relief Corps, and other groups, held in Yakima, WA, June 14-19, 1920. Made of wide piece of white satin ribbon with dark blue print. At top is illustration of United States flag with "Souvenir" printed vertically along pole. On lower section is red illustration of a large pedestaled bowl of fruit. Dark blue above states: G.A.R. / W.R.C. / and Allied Orders / 38th / Annual Encampment. Dark blue lettering below states: Department of / Washington and Alaska / A.A. Stevens, Commander / June 14 to 19, 1920 / Yakima, Washington / in Fraternity, Charity & Loyalty. A.A. Stevens noted as Commander.