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    1930-Pasco Growers Assn.
    Creation Date: 1930
    Catalog ID: 1998.90.2.81
    Call Number: 1998.90.2.81
    Scene of a group of men, and apparently only one woman, standing around boxes of cantaloupes at a grading and packing plant of the Pasco Growers Association. A conveyer, with boxes at the far end, is at photo right.
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    Women Packing Rhubard
    Creation Date: Mar. 13, 1931
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.57922
    Call Number: Curtis 57922
    photographic print, two women wearing aprons stand packing large stocks of rhubard into boxes, Ashahel Curtis photographer, March 13, 1931.
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    The wonderful Wenatchee Valley, The wonderful Wenatchee Valley of Washington
    Creation Date: 1902
    Catalog ID: 2011.137.1
    Call Number: EPH/979.759/G798w/1902
    24 page illustrated booklet (22x14.5 cm.) from Great Northern Railway, 1902. Describes the Wenatchee Valley, its productiveness, its climate, and its commercial possibilities. Includes Great Northern Railway map. Second edition. Ephemera
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    Orchard and Vineyard on Fox Island near Tacoma
    Creation Date: ca. 1906
    Catalog ID: 1981.94.627.36
    Call Number: 1981.94.627.36
    Black and white distant photographic image of an orchard near a farmhouse and a vineyard in the background, on Fox Island, Pierce County, WA, ca. 1906. The farmouse, in image right, is near the edge of water, which appears surrounded on almost 3 sides by land. Farm buildings are near the house and an outhouse is partially visible to right of center. A windmill and water tower are in image center. Dense trees are on the horizon line in the background, and possibly part of the Olympic Mountain Range is visible above the trees in image right.
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    Majestic (brand) Pears
    Creation Date: 1940
    Catalog ID: S1992.26.11
    Call Number: EPH/634.13/W277m/1940
    1 color illustrated fruit crate label (19x27.5 cm.) for Majestic Pears, distributed by Washington Fruit & Produce So. Published in 1940. Illustration features crown and regal robe. Ephemera.
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    Fruit Trees in Yakima County, Washington
    Creation Date: 1938
    Catalog ID: 2007.0.352
    Call Number: PAM/979.755/H365f/1938
    58-page pamphlet, with maps, by Carl P. Heisig and Ben H. Pubois. Bulletin no. 359 (State College of Washington. Agricultural Experiment Station. Cover title. Dated 1938. Re. fruit trees in Yakima County.
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    Yakima-city, 9-14-53-02
    Creation Date: Sep. 14, 1953
    Catalog ID: 1997.76.39.9-14-53-02
    Call Number: 1997.76.39.9-14-53-02
    Low level aerial view of Yakima from northwest looking southeast over "fruit row" toward the central business district. The Rattlesnake Hills can be seen in the distance. Northern pacific Railway Company tracks run diagonally from left to right.
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    Hauling peaches from orchard.
    Creation Date: Aug. 28, 1928
    Catalog ID: CURTIS/54311
    Call Number: CURTIS/54311
    Close-up of man putting buckets of peaches on the flatbed of a horse-drawn wagon
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    Hauling peaches from orchard.
    Creation Date: Aug. 28, 1928
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.54311
    Call Number: 1943.42.54311
    Close-up of man putting buckets of peaches on the flatbed of a horse-drawn wagon
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    Strawberry Harvesting
    Creation Date: Jul. 1, 1920
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.39802
    Call Number: Curtis 39802
    Photographic print, strawberry field harvesting, 9 women wearing sunhats pick strawberries, with three large flats of stawberries visible in foreground, Puyallup, Sumner Area of Pierce County, Wa., Asahel Curtis photographer, July 1, 1920.