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    Mill catalog
    Creation Date: 1948
    Catalog ID: 2014.39.1.19
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/643/M358m/1948
    4137 page illustrated (some color) catalog (30x25.5 cm.) of Marshall-Wells Company, wholesale jobbers, importers, manufacturers and international distributors. Items include tools, hardware, building supplies, house furnishings, and electrical, heating, plumbing, auto supplies, etc. Includes general index and sectional indexes. Published in various U.S. and Canadian locations in 1948.
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    [H.R. Jackson with exhibits]
    Creation Date: ca. 1942
    Catalog ID: C2015.1.65
    Photograph of a man identified as volunteer curator H.R. Jackson with displays in the State Capital Museum in Olympia, WA, Thurston County. Jackson is standing between two display cases. He is holding a pitcher identified as having been used by William Tolmie at Fort Nisqually. Behind him is a flag said to have been used by Washington Territorial volunteers in the Civil War. To the eft is a case of Indian exhibits, including stone implements and arrowheads. To the right is a case with glassware.
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    Whitall, Tatum & Co., 1880: flint glassware, blue ware, perfume and cologne bottles, show bottles and globes, green glassware, stoppers, druggists' sundries. Illus. catalog...
    Creation Date: [1971]
    Catalog ID: C1971.23.4
    Call Number: 666.192/W58w/1880
    72, [8] p.; illus.; 23 cm.; Facsim. ed.; Original t.p. reads: Whitall, Tatum & Co., glass manufacturers, druggists', chemists', and perfumers' glassware, druggist sundries. Philadelphia, 1880; Bibliography: p. [79]-[80]
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    Clearly art, Pilchuck's glass legacy
    Creation Date: 1992
    Catalog ID: 2012.1.13
    Call Number: OVERSIZE/748.2917/H426c/1992
    Dale Chihuly. An historical overview of the Pilchuck Glass School. "Published in connection with an exhibit, 84 page illustrated (some color) book (28x21.5 cm.) by Lloyd E. Herman; introduction by ition and national tour prepared by the Whatcom Museum of History and Art entitled 'Clearly Art.' " Includes bibliographical references (p. 80-81). Published in 1992.
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    [House of glass]
    Creation Date: Apr. 14,1961
    Catalog ID: C1986.
    5 Negative panoramic photographs of the interior of a glassware store, unidentified.
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    [Display cases, State Capital Museum]
    Creation Date: 1945-1985
    Catalog ID: C2015.1.66
    Photograph of display cases in the State Capital Museum in Olympia, WA, Thurston County. In the foreground is a glass display case, waist high, with items of silver(silverware, pitchers, etc.). Against the back wall is a tall display case with glass items. Through a doorway we can see the entry hall.