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    Creation Date: Sep. 7, 1960
    Catalog ID: C1986.
    2 Negative photographs, two of a man and two of a woman, identified as grocers, but unnamed.
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    [egg separator]
    Creation Date: 1970-2000
    Catalog ID: 2001.26.5
    Small, yellow plastic, egg separator with round depression and inner cup to hold yolk molded into a flat surface/handle. On widest area of handle is a black on yellow cartoon figure of a male grocer and print.
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    [George D. Davis Grocery Store, 5320 East H Street, Tacoma]
    Creation Date: 1905
    Catalog ID: 2014.0.67
    Call Number: 2014.0.67
    Black and white, close photographic image of the George D. Davis Grocery Store, in image right, 5320 East H Street, Bismarck neighborhood, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, 1905. A man wearing a vest over his shirt and a hat, holding a small paper in his hand, poses standing at the store entry door. A woman wearing a blouse and skirt, holding a small basket, stands nearby. An older man, with a pipe in his mouth, and a cane in his hand, sits on a chair on the porch in front of the store. Two small boys sit on the edge of the porch, one holding a dog in his arms, the other possibly holding a cabbage, sit with their legs dangling off the edge. Produce is displayed lying on a shelf outside the store window, and in boxes on the shelf. Stacked food cans and bottles are visible inside the store window, also a box of apples. Sign on the entry door window: Agency Tacoma Steam Laundry. A mailbox is mounted on top of a tree stump in image right foreground, across the rocky dirt road in front of the store. A man sits on the seat of a small horse drawn vehicle in image left, near a water trough next to the grocery store porch. A boy holds the horse's bridle. A picket fence encloses the front yard of a house in image left, which is behind the horse and cart.
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    [Scott's Grocery]
    Creation Date: ca. 1914
    Catalog ID: 2010.149.24.1
    Photograph of Scott's Grocery, 329 Fourth Avenue, Olympia, WA, Thurston County. The two story clapboard building is on a corner. A storefront window runs along one side of the building (Fourth Avenue), surmounted by clerestory windows. The doorway is at the corner of the building. There are decorative columns and capitals over the doorway and windows. Sashed windows are on the second floor, with a false front along Fourth Avenue side of the building. Painted on the other side of the building is an advertisement reading Scott's Grocery/We Sell "Happy Home" Goods/Full Line Guaranteed/Phone 171, with a logo of a can of Happy Home sliced Hawaiian Pineapple. Standing in front of the grocery are seven men. From left to right: A man in dark overcoat and hat, with white shirt and tie; a man with long duster and hat; A man in white grocer's smock and cap; a man in grocer's smock and hat; a man standing in profile with an overcoat; a man in cap and overalls, and a man in a suit with vest and hat. To the right of the grocery store is another establishment in the same building, the Commercial House, 327 Fourth Avenue, with a narrow entryway presumably leading to the second floor. To the right of this building are several other commercial establishments, one with a retractable awning. A man in dark clothes stands at the curb. There are also three utility poles along the sidewalk, with a postal box affixed to one of them. Robert Esterly, photographer
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    Burnett's Grocery, Orchards, WA
    Creation Date: ca. 1912
    Catalog ID: 2006.40.30
    Call Number: 2006.40.30
    Black and white view of a grocery in Orchards, Clark County, WA. The photo shows a man and a woman and two young girls standing on an elevated wooden sidewalk in front of a grocery store. Burnett's Grocery was located on Fourth Plain Avenue. Another store is to the right of the grocery and a woman is standing on the sidewalk in front of it. Burton Frasher, photographer
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    [George Jewell, Produce, 946 South C St., Tacoma]
    Creation Date: 1890
    Catalog ID: 2011.0.36
    Call Number: 2011.0.36
    Black and white image of a man in a long apron standing behind boxes of fruit and vegtables displayed in front of the produce store of George Jewell, located at 946 South C St., Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, 1890. Bunches of onions, carrots, and other produce are displayed on the posts between the open store front windows. Two men with hats stand near the displays.
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    [Shoe Shop, Olympia]
    Creation Date: ca. 1914
    Catalog ID: 2010.149.25.2
    Photograph of a shoe shop, location unknown, Olympia, WA, Thurston County (possibly at the Swantown Slough). It is in a 1 1/2 story clapboard building with sashed windows on the two visible sides. The words shoe shop are painted on the window facing the street, and on a sign hanging from the side of the building. Another sign, in the shape of a boot, reads "Repairing." The wooden doorway to the shop is ajar. A man stands in front of the building. He is wearing a leather cap and leather apron. He has a mustache. To the left and rear of the building are marshes, with other buildings faintly visible in the distance, suggesting this may be located at the edge of the Swantown Slough (now filled). The building itself appears to be built at least partly on stilts. To the right of the shop is a clapboard building with false front and a sign reading Groceries visible. An alleyway runs between the two buildings. Robert Esterly, photographer
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    Our Drummer
    Creation Date: 1880-1910
    Catalog ID: C1950.3.103
    Photographic portrait, head and shoulders, of a man identified as a "drummer" (salesman) for Thompson & Co Grocers, Olympia, W.T. or WA, Thurston County. He has short hair parted on the side, with an abundant mustache. He is wearing a suit with white shirt and tie. Thompson & Co was owned by George Thompson. The humorous inscription on reverse suggests this may be an image of George Thompson.
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    Gustave Kahl papers
    Creation Date: 1895-1935
    Catalog ID: 1974.57.2
    Call Number: MsSC 28
    Gustave Adolph Kahl (1860-1949 ), participated in the various Klondike and Alaska gold rushes (1898-1904), and settled in Tacoma in 1904. Kahl, a German merchant seaman, came to the United States in 1887, and to the Puget Sound country in 1895. He went to Alaska and worked in the Kennecott Mine before joining the rush for gold in 1898. He returned to Tacoma in 1904, and he engaged in the grocery and general merchandise business. The papers consist of Kahl’s manuscript autobiography (1935), a day/account book from Alaska (1901-1903), and miscellaneous documents. Also included are miscellaneous documents relating to Kahl’s various merchant sailor jobs, German military passport, U.S. naturalization papers (1896), and an autograph book (1895-1923).
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    Apple Day in Augustine & Kyer Store, Seattle
    Creation Date: Oct. 29, 1914
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.31275
    Call Number: 1943.42.31275
    Black and white glass plate negative image of the interior of retail grocer Augustine & Kyer, Seattle, King County, WA, Oct. 29, 1914, on apple day. Candy and other confectionary items are displayed in "U" shaped glass display cases, and on top of them, in image left foreground. An open slatted box of apples, with apples also stacked on top, sits on the corner of the counter. A scale and roll of wrapping paper are on a table enclosed behind the counters. Clear glass candy containers are stacked around the adjacent pillar. A long aisle extends into the background in image right. Open slatted boxes of apples are stacked on the floor along the aisle. Metal tea sets appear to be displayed on a rack on a counter at image right edge. The top of a floor scale is visible nearby. Chandeliers, floral vases, and clusters of apples hang from the room's ceiling. Floral vases are mounted on pillars in the room.