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    [Dorothy Baker knitting sweater, World War I, 1918]
    Creation Date: 1918
    Catalog ID: 2015.33.1.21
    Call Number: 2015.33.1.21
    Black and white photographic image, a full length studio portrait of Dorothy Baker, sitting, knitting a sweater, in an unknown location, 1918. She is wearing a coat with a large light colored collar, and a close fitting hat. A horsehair bridle is draped over her arm. She is looking down at her knitting.
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    [Women's clothing styles and models, Olympia Knitting Mills]
    Creation Date: 1930-1945
    Catalog ID: C1951.250.29
    Pictorial album, three ring binder, that served as a catalog of items for sale from the Olympia Knitting Mills, Olympia, Thurston County, Washington. The album consists of watercolor and pencil images of women's clothing. Each item has a style number or name.
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    [money purse]
    Creation Date: ca. 1845
    Catalog ID: 1957.46.20
    Lady's knitted cotton money purse with 2 etched silver rings to secure and steel cut bead trim on either end of tube. "Miser's purse" type.
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    [money purse]
    Creation Date: 1870-1900
    Catalog ID: 1967.24.18
    Lady's money purse comprised of 2 hand-knitted rectangular pouches connected by 14 threads and a thread-wrapped ring which slides over to tighten either pouch. Pouches are decorated with looped fringe made from steel cut beads in silver, gold, and copper colors. "Miser's type purse"
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    [stuffed aimal; Steiff teddy bear]
    Creation Date: ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: 2004.46.175
    Steiff teddy bear (a) with clothing, including b) sweater; c) knickers; and d) cap. Bear is 11" high, jointed "gold" mohair, with embroidered nose, mouth, and toe nails. Sweater is hand knitted of red wool yarn. Knickers made of red wool. Toboggan cap with tassel knitted of with red cotton yarn. Ca. 1910.
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    Creation Date: Jan. 8, 1962
    Catalog ID: C1986.
    3 Photographic negatives of a man knitting while a woman looks on. Identities and location unknown.
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    [Emiline Himes]
    Creation Date: 1880-1890
    Catalog ID: C2018.0.60
    Photographic portrait, to waist, of an elderly woman identified as Emiline Himes, of Olympia, W.T., Thurston County, mother of historian George Himes. She is seated, with a white cap on, a shawl over her shoulder. She is knitting a lace shawl. She is wearing spectacles.
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    [figurine of girl in traditional dress]
    Creation Date: 1960-1990?
    Catalog ID: 2002.0.495
    Porcelain figure of small girl dressed in traditional dress. From Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory, 1960-1990? Girl seated on gray bench. She wears long full white skirt, blue shawl with dark blue dots, long sleeved gray/blue blouse with ruffled white cuffs and collar. On head is elongated blue cap held in place with brown ties. Blue stripes and dots on cap. She is bent over slightly to work on brown object. She appears to be knitting. stamped in green on base: Royal/[crown]/Copenhagen/Denmark Printed in blue: [three wave like lines]; NVX Printed in green: 1314 Printed on white paper sticker: [crown over three wave like lines] Inscribed on underside of skirt area: Beuter (?)/ "9"
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    Creation Date: ca. 1855
    Catalog ID: 1958.48.51
    Handmade wool purse, c. 1855, knitted and embroidered; resembles a cap, but must have had a drawstring inside.
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    [papier mache doll]
    Creation Date: 1950-1970
    Catalog ID: 1995.11.144
    Handmade papier mache doll is of a woman with a long dress with blue/gray/green dress with geometric print. White petticoat underneath. On dress is an off-white apron; turquoise blue bonnet with large section overhanging face tied with light blue ribbon. She stands; has black felt covered legs. Bits of wood on feet (possibly from a stand). Woman depicted knitting a hat of white hat, using toothpick knitting needles. 1950-1970