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    Homes for All!
    Creation Date: 1896
    Catalog ID: 1994.0.389
    Call Number: EPH/979.782/C654/1896
    Handbill (28x21.5 cm.) published in 1896, advertising prices and advantages of Northern Pacific Railroad lands in Chehalis. On the back is a typed letter from Coffman & Kepner to Thomas Cooper, Western Land Agent, N.P.Ry. reading, in part: "Enclosed herewith we hand you application of Emma T. Griffith to purchase the N.E. of the S.E. of Sec.29-12-4 East listed at $2 per acre." Ephemera.
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    Apple growing in the Northwest...
    Creation Date: 1909
    Catalog ID: 1997.1.32
    Call Number: EPH/385/061/N814a/1909
    16 page illustrated booklet (14x7.5 cm.) describing apple growing in the Pacific Northwest "along the scenic highway through the land of fortune." Includes statistics from 1895 to 1908. Black print on green paper. Dated 1909. Ephemera.
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    Pierce County's Opportunity to bring Army headquarters to American Lake
    Creation Date: 1916
    Catalog ID: 2006.0.530
    Call Number: EPH/979.77851/P611am/1916
    One sheet; 27 cm. Re establishment of Camp Lewis (Fort Lewis) near American Lake in Pierce County, 1916.
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    By Far the Best New Country
    Creation Date: ca. 1884
    Catalog ID: 2003.3.75
    Call Number: 2003.3.75
    copy photo of NPRR promotional land brochure showing a picture of the old Tacoma Hotel
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    Regents Park: Tacoma's most beautiful residence district
    Creation Date: [ca. 1910]
    Catalog ID: 2006.116.1
    Call Number: EPH/979./77836/R262p/1910
    1 postcard; col. ill.; 2006.116.1; Illus. features entrance to Regents Park. Now incorportated into Fircrest, WA. Ca. 1910. Lynch/White collection
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    Everett holds the key
    Creation Date: 1902
    Catalog ID: 2007.0.139
    Call Number: EPH/979.7711/Ev26h/1902
    One sheet: ill., map; 28 cm. Contains map of Washington showing advantageous location of Everett and bird's-eye view of Everett, WA. On obverse is a letter from Everett Chamber of Commerce. Ephemera.
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    [Lower Forks Prairie, WA]
    Creation Date: Mar. 21, 1913
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.26606
    Call Number: Curtis 26606
    glass plate negative and photographic print, view of a rural scene with houses and barns in the lower prairie near Forks, Clallam County, Washington, Asahel Curtis, photographer, March 21, 1913. One of series of images taken by Curtis for the United Oil and Land Company, Seattle, Washington. Caption on front of print reads: "Part of lower Forks Prairie, J. O. F. Anderson, Forks, Wash. Property of United Oil & land Co., Leary Bldg., Seattle." Farm in foreground is probably owned by the J.O.F. Anderson Family. Asahel Curtis
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    Olympia, capital of the State of Washington
    Creation Date: 1895, 1895
    Catalog ID: C1957.1478.1
    Call Number: EPH-C/979.7791/J77ol/1895
    Single sheet bird's-eye view engraving (65x98 cm.) of Olympia, WA, with Spring Hill Addition and Park Addition in foreground, 1895. Vignettes of proposed new capitol building and Thurston County courthouse. "Drawn and engraved especially for Jos. Chilberg & Co., real estate brokers...." Edward Lange, artist., dated 1895.
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    Fruit growing in Eastern Washington
    Creation Date: 1910
    Catalog ID: 2006.80.68
    Call Number: EPH/979.737/Sp65fr/1910
    16 p.; ill. (mostly col.), map; 25 cm.; 2006.80.68; Col. illus. wraps
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    Creation Date: 1900-1960?
    Catalog ID: 2016.13.2
    Token for unknown purpose, 1900-1960? Made of metal. Surface is brown, with one plain surface and surface with 5 in raised area at center. Illegible writing around outer edge.