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    [Peritz & Co. and Other Businesses, Pacific Avenue and Thirteenth Street, Tacoma]
    Creation Date: Jul. 1885
    Catalog ID: 2011.0.324
    Call Number: 2011.0.324
    Black and white photographic image of a 2 story business building, with date of 1884, on the northwest corner of Pacific Avenue and Thirteenth Street, Tacoma, Pierce County, WT, probably taken late July, 1885. Businesses on the first floor include: Peritz & Co., Dry Goods & Clothing, owned by Zadik Peritz, Henry Beliner, and Meyer Kaufman, at the corner; Wheelwright & Hunt, heavy hardware and safes, owned by Samuel A. Wheelwright and Edward M. Hunt. A memorial to President Ulysses S. Grant, who died July 23, 1885, is in the Peritz & Co. windows. Dark and light bunting is in the windows, with a photograph of Grant, and the initials: USG. An allegorical picture hangs over the store entrance. Dark bunting is draped on the exterior of Peritz & Co. and extends up to the second story. Several men and a boy pose for the photographer at the building entrance and on the sidewalk. In front of Wheelwright & Hunt are wheelbarrows and other merchandise. Offices on building's second story include: Samuel Wilkeson, Real Estate; Moore & Slaughter, Lawyers, Henry K. Moore and Samuel C. Slaughter; Dr. Hugh C. McCord. Sign on post in front of building: Moore & Slaughter, Real Estate. A man leans against a corner street light in image left. Thirteenth Street, a dirt road, runs parallel to lower left edge, and a horse drawn wagon is in the background. C.E. & Hattie King, photographers
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    Wilbur [Lincoln County, WA]
    Creation Date: 190
    Catalog ID: 2019.2.165
    Call Number: 2019.2.165
    View at the intersection of two dirt streets in Wilbur, Lincoln County, WA On the corner is the two story brick Woodmen of the World Building and lodge hall, built in 1892.The ground floor is occupied by The Fair Department Store Foley Brothers Grocery Store. Foley's window advertises Coffee, Tea, Spices. The next building is "H. M. Hansen, Real Estate. The net building is a barbershop with a barber pole in front. The next building is a hardware store. There is a horse and buggy in front of Hansen's real estate office. There are elevated wooden sidewalks and at the corner are wooden ramps from the street to the sidewalk. A street light hangs over the intersection. On the obverse is a message: "Dear Mama, How did you get home? Alice is peacefully sleeping in the bed/room. We keep the stove and oil stove going/all night. She is lots better today. The water thawed out in the night. The/foset [faucet] was open in the yard so the/water run all night. It/was all around Hanke's /house this morning. Yesterday was another windy day./Will close as Walter/ is waiting. Write often as I get lonesome.When is Papa/ going and where. Love to all, Bess" Postarked at Wilbur, Wash., March 25, 1908. Edward Nolan Collection
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    [Photographers in Wright Park, Tacoma]
    Creation Date: ca. 1930-1950
    Catalog ID: 1974.35.12.1
    Call Number: Virna Haffer Collection of Photographs / Photo A / 1974.35.12.1
    Black and white image of 2 male and 2 female photographers, seen from the rear, as they photograph the statue of a lion under a street light in Wright Park, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, taken by Virna Haffer, photographer, ca. 1930-1950. Three of them lean over their cameras set on tripods, and a flash attachment is on a bag slung over one man's shoulder.
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    Main street of Carbonado
    Creation Date: 1908
    Catalog ID: 1960.56.3
    Call Number: 1960.56.3
    Looking down the main street of Carbonado at the business section. A tall wooden tower serving as a beacon light dominates the street scene. A note on the back of the print indicates it is the only street light in town.
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    [New York City street scene]
    Creation Date: 1880-1910
    Catalog ID: C1978.2.3
    Call Number: Photo A
    Photograph of an intersection in New York City. The streets are cobbled. Trolley tracks run in several directions. One trolley is proceeding along the roadway with signs on the side reading Broadway and Bowery & Harlem. Two horse-drawn carts are proceeding in the direction of the photographer. One is a grocer's cart. Tall buildings line the streets. One has a sign on the top reading in part The Journal/Greatest Sunday P[aper]/Two Sections in ... In the center of the photograph is an elaborate gas-lit street light. It has several globes at one level about 15 feet up, with another globe at a higher level. A man is walking across the street, along the trolley tracks. Other figures can be made out standing along the street.