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    "Harvest time brand: Northwest fruit"
    Creation Date: ca. 1930
    Catalog ID: 1996.58.4
    Call Number: EPH-A/634.11/C1h/1930
    fruit crate label, "Harvest time brand: Northwest fruit" color illustration of orchard with large apple in foreground and Mount Rainier in background, distributed by C. F. Schaefer Company, Yakima County, Washington, ca. 1930.
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    [Davenport Orchard Land Co]
    Creation Date: ca. 1915
    Catalog ID: 2006.86.3
    Call Number: 2006.86.3
    Frontal view of a man standing in a horse drawn wagon, holding a small dog in his arm, in a Davenport Orchard Land Co. Arkansas Black apple orchard in Lincoln County. Apples are visible on the 6 year old trees.
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    Spraying Fruit Trees, Yakima Valley
    Creation Date: Apr. 29, 1915
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.32443
    Call Number: 1943.42.32443
    Black and white glass plate negative image of workers spraying a fruit tree in a Yakima Valley orchard for pest control, Yakima County, WA, for the Blue-X Brand, Yakima Valley Fruit Growers Association, Apr. 29, 1915. One man smoking a pipe stands on the spraying tank apparatus to reach the top of the tree with a long pipe. Another man sprays the tree from a long pipe while standing on the ground.
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    Apple Blossoms - Eastern Wash
    Catalog ID: 2006.106.9
    Call Number: 2006.106.9
    View of blooming apple trees in an orchard in Eastern Washington.
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    Near Roosevelt Orchard Heights
    Creation Date: 1910-1914
    Catalog ID: 2007.0.210
    Call Number: 2007.0.210
    View looking between 2 rows of mature fruit trees in an orchard near Roosevelt Orchard Heights, Klickitat County.
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    Chelan Orchards...on beautiful Lake Chelan
    Creation Date: 1924
    Catalog ID: 2014.126.15
    Call Number: EPH-B/979.759/C417m/1924
    Single illustrated sheet (28x43.5 cm. unfolded) promoting tracts at Chelan Orchards at Manson, WA on Lake Chelan. Presented as a retirement community and source of income for retired professionals. Endorsed by Great Northern Railway. Includes map. Dated 1924. Ephemera.
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    Applying Latimer's Dry Lead, E.R. Gahringer Ranch, Wenatchee, Wash.
    Creation Date: ca.1925
    Catalog ID: 1994.0.295
    Call Number: Apples/1
    Photograph of three men in an apple orchard, spraying the trees. The tank of spray is hitched to a small tractor with large serrated metal back wheels.
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    Near Roosevelt Orchard Heights [Spokane County]
    Catalog ID: S1992.27.49
    Call Number: S1992.27.49
    Black and white close, undated photographic image of an older orchard near Roosevelt Orchard Heights, Spokane County, WA.
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    Touchet Valley Washington Apples
    Catalog ID: 1994.4.210.4
    Call Number: 1994.4.210.4
    Label for one bushel crate of apples. Label has depiction of two apples on tree, an apple sliced in half, and a panorama view of an apple orchard.
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    Great-Northwest Brand Washington Apples
    Catalog ID: 1994.4.210.8
    Call Number: 1994.4.210.8
    Label for one bushel of apples. This brand is distributed by Washington Sales, Inc., a grower cooperative, Wenatchee, WA. Label has a depiction of a mountain goat.