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    [Chehalis, Washington View]
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: 2013.0.36
    Call Number: 2013.0.36
    photographic print, view of the town of Chehalis, Lewis County, Washington, undated, ca. 1900 (1890-1912). The Chehalis Fir Door Company sawmill dominates the center foreground of the view. Homes, school, and other buildings are visible in the surrounding area, and a railroad track is adjacent to the Chehalis Fir Door Company.
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    [Lake Union Panorama View]
    Creation Date: Oct. 28, 1906
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.1302.1
    Call Number: Curtis 1302
    glass plate negative and photographic print, part one of a two plate panoramic view of Lake Union from portage bay north to the Brooklyn (University of Washington) residential neighborhood area of Seattle, King County, Washington, Asahel Curtis, photographer, Oct. 28, 1906. Lake Union, homes (private residences), streets and the surrounding forested areas are visible. The Brooklyn area is now known as the 'University District". Photographer's note indicates that the panorama shows a distant view of the future site of Alaska Yukon Pacific Expedition (A.Y.P.E.). See also panorama part two: 1943.42.1302.2. Asahel Curtis
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    Creation Date: ca. 1895
    Catalog ID: C1982.18.30.30
    Call Number: C1982.18.30.30
    Reproduction of a drawing or engraving by Edward Lange mounted on card stock. Image is a far view of the city of Olympia, looking from west to east over Budd Inlet. In the foreground is a house, a barn, a trolley, two trains, and a horse and buggy. There are several ships on the water of Budd Inlet. Mount Rainier and possibly Mount Saint Helens are visible in the distance. Ca. 1895.
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    Tacoma Tide Flats
    Creation Date: Jun. 26, 1927
    Catalog ID: 1957.64.B17027
    Call Number: Boland B17027 Nitrate Room
    Nitrate negative, aerial view of the Tacoma Tide Flats industrial area, looking northeast Marvin Boland,photographer, dated June 26, 1927. Several lumber mills and other industries are visible.
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    [Olympia from 4th Ave.]
    Creation Date: ca. 1890
    Catalog ID: 2017.33.60
    Call Number: 2017.33.60
    Slightly elevated panoramic view from 4th Street onto Olympia, Thurston County, WA circa 1890. 4th Street extends across West Bay on pilings. Various buildings also built on pilings extend out over the water on either side of the streeet. A heavily forested skyline is visible in the distance. Robin Paterson Collection
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    Pan of Port Angeles, plate 2
    Creation Date: Feb. 13-14, 1914
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.28937
    Call Number: 1943.42.29837
    Second plate of a panorama view of Port Angeles, Clallam County, WA taken February 13-14, 1914. The bird's eye view was taken from the city showing the industrial area and looking toward the waterfront. In the foreground, a dirt road and wooden sidewalk runs from left to right. At the far left there is a partially legible sign reading "Flour" painted on the sign of a building. To the right is a blacksmith and wagon shop. A sign extending out over the door reads "A. Swanson, Blacksmithing & Horseshoeing. An additional sign on the upper part of the side of the shop reads: A. Swanson, Wagons & Buggies. On the rest of the side wall is a large advertisement for Owl Cigars. The adjoining buildings are painted with a sign advertising Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco. There are several buggies parked on the street in front of the blacksmith shop as well as in the vacant lot next door. In the center of the image is a building with a sign reading "Gutenberg Brothers" on two sides. A pier extends into the water toward the upper right of the image. A ship is visible in the distance. Asahel Curtis
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    [composite photograph of four drawings by James T. Pickett]
    Creation Date: Jun. 8, 1914
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.30420
    Call Number: Curtis 30420
    Glass plate negative and photographic prints, composite photograph of four drawings by James T. Pickett, ca. 1880., Asahel Curtis photographer, dated June 8, 1914. The composite photograph includes the following James T. Pickett drawings: Seattle from the Harbor, Elliott Bay Seattle Washington Territory from the city heights, Seattle from a point one mile south, and Snoqualmie Falls, near Seattle. Numerous steamships and sailing ships are present in the Seattle habor and various Seattle buildings are recognizable.The composite photograph was most likely created to encourage tourism and development. It was originally distributed by "C. C. Calkins, Investment Banker, Real Estate and Loan Broker, Seattle, W. T." Photographic prints located in Curtis Albums 80B p. 45 and 80C p. 38. Note: composite image is very similar to the image published in the Special Edition to the Morning Oregonian (newspaper) in 1880 (1999.120.2.9). Asahel Curtis.
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    [View of Tacoma and Commencement Bay from McKinley Hill]
    Creation Date: ca. 1930
    Catalog ID: 1957.19.11.669.1
    Call Number: 1957.19.11.669.1
    Taken from McKinley Hill, downtown Tacoma is to the left. The Eleventh Street Bridge and Commencement Bay are near the center and the tideflats to the right. All of the above are in the background. In the foreground is a tree-studded residential area and McKinley Park. Chapin Bowen, photographer, ca. 1930.
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    [Tacoma, Washington Territory view from Tideflats]
    Creation Date: 1884
    Catalog ID: 2014.0.477
    Call Number: TAC/VWS 4/ before 1900
    photographic print, showing a distant view of Tacoma, Pierce County, Washington Territory looking southwest from the tide flats, Davidson Photograph copy, original date ca. 1884. The recently opened Tacoma Hotel is visible at the far right. print has been mounted onto mat backing board. Note: similar more close up view of vintage cabinet print 2014.0.428. Isaac G. Davidson, photographer
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    [Panoramic view of Cle Elum, WA]
    Creation Date: ca. 1908
    Catalog ID: 2018.2.257.1
    Call Number: 2018.2.257.1
    Black and white panoramic photograph taken circa 1908 in Cle Elum, Kittitas County, WA. Image shows a wide unpaved street on the right with businesses and homes on either side of the street. The first building on the lower right has a sign which reads "Fish's Livery". Several wagons stand in the street outside the livery. Farther up the street three men and a horse are visible on the left. Several smaller streets branch off to the left with more houses and other buildings visible. The large brick building on the left is perhaps a school. The steeple of a church is visible to the far left of the school. The Cascade Mountain range is visible in the distance and appears to have a light layer of snow. Edward Nolan Collection