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    Save Albers Mill
    Creation Date: 1985-2000?
    Catalog ID: 1998.5.39
    Round pin back button campaining for saving Albers Mill, Tacoma, WA. Abstract black/white design on white background of a sheath of wheat against a diamond shape with jagged horizontal center. At bottom in black rectangle: Save Albers Mill.
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    Creation Date: 1764
    Catalog ID: 1967.87.8
    Fob or medal made of flat, oval shaped piece of gold (coin?). Dated and engraved by Nathaniel Hurd, 1764. Small raised area with flanges at top with hole and hanging loop. Engraved on one side are names of W.L. (William L.) Eliot, 1923, Thomas Fleet, 1764, and John Eliot, 1864. Engraved on opposite side many symbols associated with the Masons, including trowel, sun, mallet, coffin, columns, angle measure and T-square, candles, etc. Undulating border edge on this side.
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    [Star of the Game Awards medal]
    Creation Date: 1989
    Catalog ID: 2000.46.222
    Medal from Star of the Game Awards. Silver-colored with white ribbon. Medal attached to ribbon by a pair of gold-colored rings. Imprinted on face of medal: hockey player with hockey stick, goal, and "Seattle Thunderbirds." Etched on back: 3-19-89.
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    [masonic apron]
    Creation Date: 1800-1850
    Catalog ID: 2142
    Masonic apron, made of white leather. Rectangular shape with triangular flap on front at top; remnants of light blue silk edging around sides of flap and top edge of reverse; remnants of light blue silk ornament at center of flap. Clusters of small holes at bottom corners of apron probably from stitching that secured similar ornments, and small holes around edges of apron probably from stitching that originally secured silk trim. 0.75" wide white cotton waist ties attached at top corners; lined with off-white lightweight fabric, either silk or cotton. Straight pin on back of bottom center point of flap holds remnant of light blue silk.
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    [masonic apron]
    Creation Date: 1887
    Catalog ID: 1963.141.3
    Masonic apron, made of white leather with red velvet and metallic gold trim. Square shape; triangular flap on front at top; wide red velvet border on sides of apron and flap. Metallic gold embroidery at center of apron in shape of wreath surrounding rectangular ornament with rows of multicolored glass stones inside 9-pointed star; two vertical red velvet strips with gold tassels at bottom extend down from under flap on either side of wreath embroidery. At center of flap on apron is metallic gold embroidered Royal Arch Mason symbol - a circle surrounding a triangle with a symbol inside that looks like a wide H-shape with small T on top. Heavy gold 2" long fringe around sides of apron and flap; faded thick red cording waist ties with tassels on ends attached to upper corners; lined with red cotton sateen. Inscription printed in red under flap. Printed in red under flap: Walter J. Thompson/Grand High Priest/Grand Chapter R.A.M. of Washington/1887|Black and white woven label sewn to reverse: Guaranteed Service/The Lilley-Ames Co./Columbus, O.
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    [bag with Shriner symbol]
    Creation Date: ca. 1925
    Catalog ID: 1963.141.4
    Small bag or pouch, made of white cotton. Rectangular shape; printed on one side in red with Shriner symbol (curved sword above downward pointed crescent with star inside and pharaoh head at middle of crescent) and manufacturer's name ("Wendell & Greenwood Manufacturers, Minneapolis, Minn."). Drawstring closure at top with cotton tape inside.
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    William Jennings Bryan campaign button
    Creation Date: 1890-1908
    Catalog ID: 1992.33.22
    Button with black/white photo of man's head, Willing Jennings Bryan.
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    [identification tag]
    Creation Date: 1970-1990
    Catalog ID: 2000.62.294
    Rectangular junior high school identification tag; made of metal, with pinback fastener. Front of white paper with blue print above and below an affixed red plastic label with the student's name stamped on. Blue print on white background.
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    [IOOF badge ribbon]
    Creation Date: 1973
    Catalog ID: 1998.22.227
    Badge ribbon IOOF which pins on with identification; made by Sommer Badge Mfg. Co. Printed on badge: Bruce W. Lewin Jr. Representative/ Anchor # 221/Seattle/ Grand Lodge IOOF of WA 93rd annual session, Hoquiam, 1973/ Frank Holland/ Grand Master
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    [US Navy uniform military braid stripes]
    Creation Date: ca. 1970
    Catalog ID: 2005.116.11
    Three gold-color stripes of military braid machine stitched to black wool fabric, ca. 1970. Insignia worn on lower left sleeve of a U.S. Navy uniform. Each stripe presents 4 years of military service with good conduct; these represent 12 years.