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    [George H. Foster home]
    Creation Date: 1860-1880
    Catalog ID: C2013.18.112
    Photograph of the home of Thurston County pioneer George H. Foster, of Olympia, W.T. It is a 1 1/2 story clapboard house. A front porch is supported by slender columns. Sashed windows are along the front, side, and at the second story level. A set of steps leads to the front doorway. A picket fence is along the front and sides of the steps. A woman wearing an apron, and a child wearing a pinafore stand in the front yard near the front of the house. The inscription notes that this house was located near the site of the post office, i.e., the Dolliver building on Capitol Way.
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    [Peterfield Turpin]
    Creation Date: 1865-1880
    Catalog ID: C1961.137.19
    Photograph, shoulder length, of a middle aged man identified as Peterfield Turpin, pioneer of Olympia, W.T., Thurston County. He has shoulder length hair, a full beard and mustache. He is wearing a dark suit with white shirt and no visible tie.
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    [Franklin Kennedy]
    Creation Date: ca. 1880
    Catalog ID: C1983.19.1.6
    Photographic portrait, head and shoulders, of an elderly man identified as Franklin Kennedy, of Kamilche, WA, Mason County. He has a full white beard and mustache and white hair. He is wearing a suit jacekt trimmed with velvet at lapel, and a white shirt.
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    [Biles daughter?]
    Creation Date: 1855-1865
    Catalog ID: C2015.0.9
    Photographic portrait of a young woman, possibly a daughter of Thurston County pioneer James Biles. It is a full-length portrait. She is wearing a dress with cinched waist, full sleeves and a very full skirt with hoop. Her hair is parted in the side and pulled back. She is posing in a studio setting with a curtain at the side. (Note: inscription reads "Maggie Biles?" As Maggie Biles, daughter of James Biles, Jr., was born in 1876 and this photograph probably dates from 1860s, it is possible this is a photograph of a daughter of James Biles, Sr., from the 1860s)
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    [Friends of May Webster]
    Creation Date: 1860-1880
    Catalog ID: C2013.18.73
    Call Number: Photo A
    Photograph of three women, an older man, and a boy, identified as friends of May Webster, Thurston County pioneer. The subjects are otherwise unidentified The man is wearing a suit. He has a very full beard that is parted at the bottom. The woman standing next to him is wearing a loose-fitting bodice and skirt with dark apron. She holds a bunch of flowers in her left hand. She is middle-aged The two younger women are wearing tight bodices with central button closure, skirts with gathered folds and frill at the hem, and corsages pinned to their bodices. The boy is wearing a suit with knee pants. The group is standing in front of a house with peeling paint and ivy and roses creeping up the walls.
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    M.T. Simmon. 1844
    Creation Date: ca. 1844
    Catalog ID: 2005.0.134
    Call Number: Port-Sim-15
    Portrait of Michael T. Simmons wearing a morning jacket, smoking a pipe, and using a cane, Aldrich Photo Studios, ca. 1844.
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    Pioneers -Pt. Defiance
    Creation Date: Jul. 15, 1921
    Catalog ID: 2691
    Call Number: 2691
    Posed panoramic photo of a group of many men and women who are pioneers in Washington, taken in Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, WA. Several boys and girls are among the seated and standing subjects. Ezra Meeker is sitting, bearded and hatless in the front row, to the left. A furled umbrella stands upright in photo center between a man and girl. Eight automobiles are parked behind the group.
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    [Woman Milking Cow]
    Creation Date: ca. 1890-1910
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.19.5
    photographic print mounted on mat, young woman (possibly Minnie Hammell) is shown milking a cow at the Hammell Family homestead; from a series of photographs of the Hammell Farm in Waterville, Douglas County, Washington, ca. 1890-1910.
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    [Work at the Hammell Homestead]
    Creation Date: ca. 1890-1910
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.19.7
    photographic print mounted on mat and copy negative, three women are shown outdoors washing clothing at the Hammell Family homestead, while a baby girl plays nearby with a large pot . Two men on the far left are show inspecting or cleaning rifles. Minnie Hammell is shown with her hands in a wash tub and one of the two older women carrying a large tub may be her mother. From a series of photographs of the Hammell Farm in Waterville, Douglas County, Washington, ca. 1890-1910.
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    [Washington Pioneers, Seattle]
    Creation Date: 1901
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.2054
    Call Number: 1943.42.2054
    Black and white glass plate negative image of 6 women and 3 men, pioneers who arrived in Washington Territory before 1850, who are posing sitting on chairs on the exterior steps of a building, probably in Seattle, King County, WA, 1901. Two of the women hold furled umbrellas. One wears a ribbon badge and a feathered hat. A man holds a cane. Men and women stand in the background. Signs over the open door in the background read: "Refreshments Served Inside" and "This Space Exclusively for Ladies." Asahel Curtis, photographer, 1901.