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    Proposals for military supplies
    Creation Date: 1877
    Catalog ID: 2014.0.10
    Call Number: EPH-B/355.93/W419p/1877
    Poster (45x30 cm.) soliciting proposals (bids) for military supplies (including cords of soft wood, oats, barley, and straw) to be delivered during January to June, 1878 to Fort Walla Walla, WT. Issued in Portland, OR by Office of Chief Quartermaster, Department of the Columbia. Ephemera.
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    Auction sale!
    Creation Date: 1878
    Catalog ID: 2013.154.50
    Call Number: EPH-B/355.83/Ed24au/1878
    Poster (49x36 cm.) announcing public auction in Portland, OR of condemned quartermaster's property (Dept. of the Columbia) consisting of one ambulance and one set harness. Published in 1878. Ephemera.
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    A Simple Matter of Justice, 1993 Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Pride Parade/March and Freedom Rally in Seattle
    Creation Date: 1993
    Catalog ID: 1999.16.2.5
    Call Number: EPH-B/305.90664/Fr871s/1993
    One poster (col. ill., 58.5 x 41 cm.) advertising the1993 Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transgender Pride Parade / March and Freedom Rally in Seattle, WA, Sunday June 27, 1993. The poster lists twelve items of the 'Action Agenda' and eight 'Achievements and Points of Celebration'. The Freedom Day Committee states its "primary goal is for the Lesban/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender Community and our supporters to join together to demonstrate our strength, pride and solidarity." On the top third of the poster is an illustration of a brick wall with "a simple matter of justice" written on it in white next to a hot pink triangle. The remaining two-thirds of the poster is black print on white paper. Graphic by Jim Benson; typesetting, Seattle Gay News.
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    In the Spirit poster, 2007
    Creation Date: 2007
    Catalog ID: 2007.64.54
    Poster design in PDF file format for the 2007 "In the Spirit" Native Art exhibition featured at the Washington State History Museum (5/12/2007-7/22/2007). "Salmon People' by Andrea Wilbur-Sigo was awarded the 2006 Best in Show award for the 2006 In the Spirit exhibition, and is the artwork featured in the 2007 poster design. The second annual "In the Spirit" Juried Art Exhibition features premier American Indian artists, many living and working in the Northwest. Last year, the art exhibition showcased Andrea Wilbur-Sigo, a Squaxin Island tribal member and a nationally-known carver. This year's exhibition held in the McClelland Gallery, is organized by the Washington State History Museum and the Evergreen State College Longhouse Cultural and Education Center.
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    [Swiss Float in July 4, 1913 Parade, Tacoma]
    Creation Date: Jul. 4, 1913
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.340
    Call Number: 2012.0.340
    Black and white photographic image of the Swiss float in the July 4, 1913 on a Tacoma, Pierce County, WA street. The float, pulled by 3 teams of decorated horses, has 3 levels. Eight girls wearing sashes across their chests with light colored, Swiss style crosses and illegible writing, are visible on the lowest level. Seven girls wearing sashes with state names on them sit on the next level. Two women with long robes, and one probably dressed as Lady Liberty, sit on the highest level at the back of the float under a canopy with the word Liberty on top. Flowers and bunting arranged in designs decorate the sides of the float. Two liberty bells are partially visible on the float. Three riders sit on the team horses, and a costumed rider is mounted on a horse at the side of teams. A Swiss style cross is on the side of one of the team horses. Billboards are behind the float. Advertisements include: Auto Races; Wrigley's Spearmint; Pastor Russell, Free Bible Lecture, Tacoma Theatre; Seattle the Convention City, National Conference Charites and ___; Koveralls.
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    HandsTogether in Peace and Pride, Sunday June 30th
    Creation Date: 1991
    Catalog ID: 1999.16.2.6
    Call Number: EPH-B/305.90664/F875h/1991
    One poster (col. ill, 57 x 43 cm.) advertising the 1991 Lesbian/Gay Pride Parade March + Freedom Rally in Seattle, WA, Sunday June 30, 1991. The upper half of the poster is illustrated with a group of multi-colored figures holding hands around a large pink triangle. The bottom half lists numerous 'Achievements and Points of Celebration' and many items on the 'Action Agenda'. White poster with illustrations within a blue rectangle in the upper left section. Black print on white.
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    Unite for Freedom, Lesbian-Gay Pride March+Rally '90
    Creation Date: 1990
    Catalog ID: 1999.16.2.8
    Call Number: EPH/305.90664/F875u/1990
    One poster (col. ill., 59 x 41 cm.) advertising the 1990 Lesbian/Gay Pride Parade March + Rally in Seattle, WA, Sunday June 24, 1990. The poster lists items of the 'Action Agenda' and 'Achievements and Points of Celebration'. Upper half of the pink poster is illustrated with white lettering against a black within a black square and a globe showing North and South America. Black type on pink. Poster design by Jena Scott. Tom Flint Collection. Ephemera
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    In the Spirit poster, 2006
    Creation Date: 2006
    Catalog ID: 2006.2.143
    Poster design in PDF file format for the first annual, "In the Spirit" Native Art exhibition and festival featured at the Washington State History Museum.
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    [Brechtel Bros. Barber Shop, Tacoma]
    Creation Date: 1890
    Catalog ID: 1942.19.3
    Call Number: 1942.19.3
    Black and white photographic image of the exterior of Brechtel Bros. Barber Shop, probably at 117 South Ninth Street, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, 1890. Two men wearing light colored jackets over vests and hats, and a man wearing a suitcoat and hat, using a cane, pose in front of the store. Another man sits on a shoeshine stand chair at image left edge. The front outside walls of the shop are decorated with diagonal light and dark stripes, at varying angles. Similar stripes decorate a hitching post in the foreground, at the edge of the plank sidewalk. Visible inside the large open shop door are a sink with towel, and a spittoon. A poster on an interior wall is partially legible: Benefit Ball at Germania Hall, Tacoma Trades Council. Sign painted on shop window: 15 cents.
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    Creation Date: 1900
    Catalog ID: 2015.33.9
    Call Number: EPH-B/796.5/H533ou/1900
    Illustrated poster (46x33 cm.) featuring woman holding roaring lion by rope, with lamb frolicking in meadow. Cover by C.H. Higby. Black and orange-color print on tan-color paper. Dated 1900. Ephemera.