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    "Map showing the Wheeler Exploring Party in the Southern Idaho Season of 1877"
    Creation Date: 1877
    Catalog ID: 1963.47.1.12
    Call Number: Downing Sketchbook page 12
    printed topographic survey map, showing the Wheeler Exploring Party in the Southern Idaho Season of 1877" Red lines are added to indicate the route. Rivers (Snake River), mountains, towns, prairies, forts (Fort Hall), and Indian Reservations (Shoshone and Bannock) are shown. Lieut. George M. Wheeler, led the 1877 U. S. Army Corps of Engineers survey of southern Idaho and surrounding areas. A longer handwritten inscription is present on back of sketchbook page. Map has been cut from a larger map. Located on page 12 of sketchbook and one of a series of approximately 145 drawings (pencil and water color) in a bound sketchbook by Alfred Downing. The illustration documents the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Survey Expedition of 1877.
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    Map of Washington with Adjacent parts of British Columbia, Montana and Idaho: Map of the Different Mining Counties of the Northwest
    Creation Date: 1889
    Catalog ID: 1995.0.17
    Call Number: MAPC/WT/PN/1889
    This is a reproduction of the original map. The map generally shows areas of gold, silver, lime, coal, and marble. Included are railroads, proposed railroads, wagon roads, trails, and Indian Reservations.
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    "A Pictorial Map of Washington: The Evergreen State"
    Creation Date: 1948
    Catalog ID: 1999.0.11
    Call Number: MAPD/WA/1950.1
    Pictorial map of Washington State, 1948. Colorful, tourist map depicts airlines, railroads, rivers, roads and towns. Small illustrations of agricultural crops, industries, historical events, and tourist attractions are depicted throughout the map. The legend includes table of weather comparisons, and a small annual precipation map. Ferry routes, Indian Reservations, parks, coast guard stations, fish hatcheries, county seats, historic trails and coastal exploration routes are indicated. Developed and undeveloped State Parks are identified. Major railroad, airline, and pacific shipping routes are illustrated in a small (insert) map at lower right corner. Supplemental printed information "Washington State History Briefs" is present along the right map margin. The lower and left margins of the map include prominent, colorful illustrations of a logger with oxen, tall fir trees, logging railroad and pacific salmon. The official Washington State seal is located in the upper left area. Cartographers are John H. Herman and Clark Teegarden, Ridgway Lithograph Co., Seattle, WA.
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    Creation Date: 1974
    Catalog ID: 1994.68.5
    Call Number: MAPB/WA/1974
    This is a road map printed for the Texaco Company. It marks the location of Texico service stations along major highways and designates those that service recreational vehicles. The legend includes road classification, population, mileage, and special feature symbols. The front of the map includes an index for cities and towns, a partial list of state parks, national forest areas, and a list of national park and recreation areas. The reverse side has maps for the Seattle-Tacoma and vicinity, Spokane and vicinity, Yakima, Everett, Olympia, and central Seattle. It includes road maps for Olympic and Mount Rainier National Parks. City maps for Victoria and Vancouver, B.C. are included. The map when folded has a front and back cover with ads for Texaco.
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    Opening of Cheyenne River and Standing Rock Indian Reservations
    Creation Date: 1909
    Catalog ID: 2005.31.1
    Call Number: EPH-A/970.3/M666o/1909
    8 p.; ill., photos, maps, charts; 23 cm.
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    "Map showing principal mining districts and railway lines tributary to Spokane, Wash."
    Creation Date: ca. 1905
    Catalog ID: 2003.0.990
    Call Number: MAPB/WE/1905
    Map showing principal mining districts and railway lines tributary to Spokane, Washington, distributed compliments of the Spokane Chamber of Commerce, published by the Northwest Mining News, undated ca. 1905 (1900-1910). The large geographic area shown includes mining areas of eastern Washington (Spokane, Pend Oreille, Stevens, Chelan, Okanogan, and surrounding counties); southern British Columbia (Okanogan), western Idaho (Coeur D' Alene), Western Montana, and northern Oregon. The Columbia River from the Dalles to the river source in British Columbia is shown. The locations of larger mines and mining districts, railroad routes (Great Northern, Chicago Milwaukee St. Paul, Northern Pacific Portland and Seattle and smaller lines) , Indian reservations, rivers and small towns are indicated. Map is very similar to: 2000.0.29 and 2000.0.30.
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    "Map Showing Principal Mining Districts and Railway Lines Tributary to Spokane, Wash"
    Creation Date: 1905-1909
    Catalog ID: 2000.0.29
    Call Number: MAPB/WE/1908.1
    The map depicts the mining districts, Indian reservations, and railroads in northeastern Washington, including adjacent areas of northwestern Idaho, southeastern British Columbia, western Montana and northeastern Oregon. The undated map, dates from 1905-1909 (just prior to the final construction of the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railway in 1909.) Map is very similar to: 2003.0.990 and 2000.0.30.
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    "Bancroft's Map of Washington Territory and Oregon"
    Creation Date: 1887
    Catalog ID: 1996.120.91
    Call Number: MAPB/WT/1887
    Map of Washington Territory and Oregon, dated 1887. County boundaries, major cities, geographic features, and railroads are indicated. Map was probably originally bound into Hubert H. Bancroft's History of the Pacific States or History of Oregon, published in 1888.
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    Diminished Colville Indian Reservation Washington: To be opened to Entry Sept. 5, 1916, under Presidents' Proclamation, dated May 3, 1916, Act of March 22, 1906, 34 stat. 80
    Creation Date: 1916
    Catalog ID: 1996.48.1.5
    Call Number: MAPC/WE/FER/COLV IN RES/1916
    United States General Land Office map of diminished Colville Indian Reservation area, Ferry and Okanogan Counties, Wa., dated 1916. The Map depicts GLO land district boundaries, Indian allotments and reserves, areas open to development (entry) and mineral and timber resources. New areas subject to entry are marked in red. Specific allotments are indicated but not named as to ownership. Township, range and sections are shown. The map includes the Colville Reservation area, northwest to the Okanagon River (Omak) and southeast to the Columbia River boundary.
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    State of Washington
    Creation Date: 1930
    Catalog ID: 2000.0.8
    Call Number: MAPC/WA/1930
    Colorful map of Washington State, showing county boundaries, roads, lakes, rivers, towns, railroads, and Indian reservations. The map is undated, date range is 1927-1935. A town index is located on the back of the map.