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    [Han Chief Issac and Small Han Girl, near Moosehide, YT]
    Creation Date: 1898
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.46138
    Call Number: 1943.42.46138
    Black and white, close glass plate negative image of Han Chief Issac and a small Han girl posing, standing in dense foliage near Moosehide, YT, 1898. He wears a hat , shirt, vest and pants, and holds a rifle with its stock on the ground. The girl is wearing a dress and a scarf tied under her chin. A bark canoe is partially visible on the ground behind them.
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    [Three men and dog in sailboat on Alaska lake]
    Creation Date: 1899
    Catalog ID: 1998.34.1.2
    Call Number: 1998.34.1.2
    Scene of three men and a dog in a sailboat , on water, with ice in foreground, and mountains in the back. No sail is visible, and two men are using oars. A rifle, suitcase, and rolled packs are visible in the boat. One of a series of 54 photographs primarily relating to the Lund and Floding families during the Klondike Goldrush,1898-1910
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    The National Sportsman
    Creation Date: 1890-1920
    Catalog ID: 1998.79.22
    Round gold-colored metal disk with slightly scalloped edge. Disk has embossed head of a deer with antlers and a projecting muzzle. Below are crossed fishing rods. Superimposed is a rifle. Large leaves decorate the bottom half of the fob. Printed below the gun on a ribbon-like background: National Sportsman. On back, printed in block letters: The/National/Sportsman/75 Federal/St. Boston/Mass./A Magazine Of Good Fellowship/For Lovers of Sport/With Rod, Dog,/Rifle And Gun./Robbins Co. Attleboro, Mass.
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    5. Raft on 50 Mile River, Alaska
    Creation Date: 1899
    Catalog ID: 1998.34.1.3
    Call Number: 1998.34.1.3
    Two men, one of them Erick Floding, and a dog, on a raft loaded with bags and a box of supplies, and a rifle. The men hold long poles for maneuvering the raft. There is ice in the river, and a snow covered slope behind. One of a series of 54 photographs primarily relating to the Lund and Floding families during the Klondike Goldrush,1898-1910
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    Come on!: buy more liberty bonds
    Creation Date: 1918
    Catalog ID: 1960.9.95
    Call Number: EPH-C/940.3/Poster/1918/No. 52
    1 poster; col. ill.; 76 cm.; Col. ill. of American ''doughboy'' with rifle & bayonet, standing over dead German soldier
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    [Pullman Cadets going to camp]
    Creation Date: ca. 1905
    Catalog ID: C1943.111.2
    Call Number: C1943.111.2
    Photograph of a large group of people standing near a train at a railroad station. Many young men are dressed in military uniforms and hold rifles. There are also many men, women and children in the group.
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    [Two boys with bear]
    Creation Date: 1913
    Catalog ID: 2017.1.21
    Call Number: 2017.1.21
    Two boys pose with dead bear in Dewatto, Mason County, WA in 1913. Both boys wear hats. The older boy on the left wears a dark shirt and holds a rifle. The younger boy on the right is wearing overalls. The ground is covered in straw. The dead bear lies on a board, its head propped up with a stick.
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    Yakutat Potlatch Dancers
    Creation Date: 1906
    Catalog ID: C1988.5.1.22
    Call Number: Photo Album
    Photograph of two women and a man, identified as Tlingit potlatch dancers from Yakutat, Alaska. The woman on the left is middle-aged. She is wearing a skirt with a beaded overgarment, decorated with totemic symbols. She is wearing a cap with a button trim, and a white neckerchief. She has a nose ring. In her hands is a rifle. A feather has been inserted into the bore. The man in the center is dressed in European trousers and shoes. A Chilkat blanket is draped over his shoulders. Rabbit pelts hang down below the blanket. A beaded chest plate is hung from his neck. He is wearing a hat decorated with a carved face and feather or wood trim. He is wearing face paint and either has a mustache, or one has been painted on. The woman on the right is younger than the woman on the left. She is also wearing a skirt with a beaded overgarment trimmed with buttons. She is wearing a wide-brimmed cap. She has face paint and a nose ring. She is also holding a rifle; a white ribbon has been inserted into the bore. She is wearing white gloves. Behind this group we can see a waterfront, with canoes pulled up onto the beach, and unpainted clapboard houses lining the beach. Laundry hangs from a line in the background.
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    Hunting in the Olympic Mts., Large Deer Killed on Gold Creek
    Creation Date: ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: 2019.2.311
    Call Number: 2019.2.311
    Phoitograph of a large dead deer. The hunter sits behind the deer with his gun resting on the deer. Gold Creek, Olympic Mountains, WA. Edward Nolan collection.
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    Cedars, Pend Oreille Co.
    Creation Date: ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: 2019.3.2.22
    Call Number: 20219.3.2.22
    A man sits on a stump in a stand of cedars in Pend Oreille County, WA. He holds a rifle across his lap. Stephen Lunsford Collection. Frank Palmer, photographer