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    Catalog ID: 1955.11.12
    Creation Date: ca. 1885
    Catalog ID: 1955.11.12
    Unfinished dress from c. 1885 in three pieces (a: bodice; b: underskirt; c: overskirt). Made of sheer cotton printed with tiny black leaf pattern. Bodice is unlined with long sleeves, and yoke trimmed with tuck pleats and ecru bobbin lace. Underskirt is floor length with 6 rows of horizontal tuck pleats. Overskirt drapes over front of skirt with bobbin lace edge and is gathered up on each side. No fasteners present, but probably would have had hooks and eyes.
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    [seam /stitch ripper]
    Creation Date: 1970-1999?
    Catalog ID: 2002.42.32
    Small seam/stitch ripper. Molded red plastic handle, tapered at end. Small ripper made of silver toned metal. Sharp point on extended end; red knob on lower short end.
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    Salvation Army sewing group presenting finished garments to Mrs. Mounsey, Supervisor of Nurses.
    Creation Date: ca. 1960
    Catalog ID: 2003.176.38
    Call Number: 2003.176.38
    A group of Salvation Army women sewing and inspecting finished clothes at the Yakima Valley School.
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    [woman's cap]
    Creation Date: ca. 1905
    Catalog ID: C1952.366.4
    Blue-gray satin silk cap with pink satin silk hatband-style ornament and two bows in front and back. Silk satin crown and high brim are ruffled. Attached to pink satin silk band, ornamenting the crown, are two ties of same color, made of moire silk. Interior lined with off-white muslin which covers a white netting. Inside brim is made of a pale pink muslin.
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    A Homestead Camp
    Creation Date: ca 1908
    Catalog ID: 2004.63.1
    Call Number: 2004.63.1
    View of a rustic log cabin at Chewelah, WA. A woman sits with her sewing in her lap. Another woman sits on the porch with a magazine in her lap and a dog at her feet.
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    [silk throw]
    Creation Date: 1911-1920
    Catalog ID: 1935.101.7
    Small decorative throw made of silk strips, pieced and sewn into 7 rows with red silk backing, machine stitched. Ribbons, scraps of every color and pattern included.
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    [Sewing contest winner]
    Creation Date: Jul. 29, 1960
    Catalog ID: C1986.
    2 Negative photographs of a young woman in front of her sewing machine, identified as the winner of a sewing contest.
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    [Family rotary sewing machine by White]
    Creation Date: 1925
    Catalog ID: 2015.71.2
    Family rotary sewing machine by White Sewing Machine Company, 1925. Sn # FR 316 9404. Parts include: a) machine; b) instruction book; c) certificate; d-f) bobbin cases; g) box of attachments. Machine has brown oak wood cabinet, rectangular with pair of drawers on either side, extension that is hinged at top and held in place with a wire that is mounted on the back. As extension is pulled up, the machine is raised into place. When it is pulled down, the machine is lowered into place a panel extends down front to hide the machine. Around indented pull areas of drawers is raised design making a rectangle with extended edges. Wrought iron base has double middle support that has at the center a small diamond form where two pieces meet. Tear shaped forms are set on the sides between the front and back legs. Treadle mounted on support at bottom. The machine has a black japanned finish. Numerous decals in gold are affixed to front, sides, on face plate, and on bed. They have a floral design which has green and dark gold color in it. Printed in gold letters on front of arm: White Rotary / U.S.A. Series of patent dates extending from 1900 to 1913 are stamped on the feed plate. Machine folds into compartment in case. The instruction book (6" x 3 3/8") has a tan paper front cover and 32 pages, with instructions and photos of machine. The certificate (7 1/8" x 8 1/4") is printed on one side of an off white sheet of paper. The certificate has a wide orange border and is stamp dated Sep. 21 1925. The three bobbin cases (1" x .313") are made of silver tone metal. No marks. The rectangular box of attachments is made of metal with black japanned finish on exterior and purple paper lining with gold print on interior and has a hinged lid. It is for Greist attachments. Printed in gold lettering on center top of lid: Rotary. A curlicue border is around lid edge. Box contains 16 attachments, one needle and a screw. Many pieces have the name "Greist" stamped on them, along with the patent note or the name of the attachment. A long metal support is attached inside the lid to hold pieces. A shorter one is attached at the back of the case to hold pieces.
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    [hoop skirt]
    Creation Date: 1855-1875
    Catalog ID: 2002.0.337
    Hoop skirt for doll. Round, made of red wool with wire. Upper area made of lightweight white cloth. No opening.
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    [pieced quilt]
    Creation Date: ca. 1935
    Catalog ID: 1984.131.5
    Large handmade, pieced quilt, c. 1930 in red on white, Grandmother's Flower Garden. Excellent quilting in pattern of daisy and feathers.