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    [Manley Cigar Store Wooden Indian Statue]
    Creation Date: ca. 1920-1945
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.44
    photographic print, close up image of the wooden Indian statue outside the Charles H. Manley cigar and tobacco store, located at 9th and Pacific Ave., Tacoma, Washington, undated, ca. 1920-1945. The statue, carved in a traditional Indian cigar store style with a feathered headdress and bear skin robe, wears a hand lettered satirical sign around his neck reading: "Only a Wooden Indian...but I will be a candidate for the next session of the Washington Legislature, and will guarantee as great a relief to the taxpayer of Washington as my immediate predecessors. Vote For Me!" The lower portion of the statue is not visible. The photographer, identified as Joseph H. Manley on the reverse of the print, has also written the word "Industry" on the front of the photographic print.
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    [Three women suffragists in Seattle, WA]
    Creation Date: Septembe 16, 1910
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.19943
    Call Number: 1943.42.19943
    Three women suffragists in Seattle, WA, with their backs to the camera, post signs advocating women's suffrage on the outside wall of a small frame building. The signs include one beginning: Women Vote. The other signs include statements by known Americans, and begin with either: Lincoln Said, Roosevelt, or Mark Twain Said. Asahel Curtis
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    Gill for Mayor, Sign for Foster & Kleiser
    Creation Date: Oct. 7, 1910
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.18845
    Call Number: 1943.42.18845
    Black and white glass plate negative taken October 7, 1910 in Seattle, WA. Large political sign reading "Gill for Mayor" is mounted above several businesses, from left to right: The Junction, Joe Dizard (cigar shop), Oyster House, and H.H. Kulies (cigar shop). Hiram C. Gill (1866-1919) was mayor of Seattle in 1910-1911 and 1914-1918. The photograph, taken at night or early morning, shows the shops all lit up. A lone person stands outside of Joe Dizard's cigar shop. Trolley tracks are visible on the cobblestone street in the freground. A cigar Indian stands outside H.H. Kulies' cigar shop. Asahel Curtis
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    Why Cant We Play in "Uncle Sam's" Yard?, Skagway Alaska, July 4, 1908
    Creation Date: 1908
    Catalog ID: 1988.23.4
    Call Number: 1988.23.4
    Photo of men, women, and children seated posed in front of storefronts in Skagway, AK on Independence Day. One woman seems to deliberately stand with her back to the camera. Bunting decorates the buildings and also at the wheels of two bicycles in front of the children. One building has stained glass windows with B.P.O.E. and an elk head, and also a clock with roman numerals. Signs on poles behind the people say, "We hope to see the day we man make our own laws," "Home rule, our birthright," "Alaska born," "Taxation without representation was against our forefathers principals and is against ours." Other partially visible signs say "This is our nat____, Why may we not govern it," and " Uncle Sam: We are American-born but with___ Even Phillippino privile___."
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    [Loading Columbia River ferry at Richland, WA]
    Creation Date: Jun. 16, 1955
    Catalog ID: 2005.129.9.1
    Call Number: 2005.129.9.1
    Close photo of an automobile being directed by a man from a ferry dock onto an open ferry boat traversing the Columbia River at Richland, WA. A bumper sticker on the car reads: Don't Blame Me, I Voted Democratic. The Washington state license plate is clearly visible.
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    [Political Signs]
    Creation Date: ca. Sep. 1952, ca. Sep. 1952
    Catalog ID: C1986.
    Photographic negative of two political signs in the shape of elephants, with the names Langlie and Anderson for governor race, and "Ike" (Dwight D. Eisenhower) and Nixon for the presidential race.
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    Barbecue Sandwiches Stand, near Ponders Station, Jack Boldt
    Creation Date: Sep. 4, 1926
    Catalog ID: 1957.19.26786-7
    Call Number: 1957.19.26786-7
    Black and white, close glass plate negative image of a walk-up food stand, probably owned by Jack Boldt, near Ponders Station, Ponders, Pierce County, WA, Sep. 4, 1926. Sign on front of stand: Barbecued Sandwiches. Partially visible sign on top of building: Jack ____. Two cash registers and other items on the counter are visible through the large open window at the front of the building. Small signs attached to building front: G.C. Nolte for Prosecutor; Re-elect _esmond, Sheriff; Dance, Long Lake, Sat., Sept. 11th. Photo by Chapin Bowen.