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    [Ms. Nettleton Sleeping in Wickiup]
    Creation Date: Jul. 20, 1908
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.10779
    Call Number: Curtis 10779 Photo album 87 page 11
    glass plate negative and photographic print, a young woman (Seattle Mountaineer identified as Ms. Nettleton) is shown sleeping on the ground outside next to a canvas shelter hung over a line between two trees (wickiup) at the Mount Baker mountaineering expedition camp, Asahel Curtis, photographer, July 20, 1908. Nearby several axes, frying pan, large pot, and hat are visible. Ms. Nettleton is dressed in climbing boots, heavy sweater, and long skirt. One of a series of Curtis images related to the Mt. Baker Mountaineers Expedition July 1908. Asahel Curtis
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    [Native American Fishing Camp Site]
    Creation Date: 1892
    Catalog ID: 1970.56.1.1
    Call Number: MsSC 90 Box 1 Folder 1
    Photographic print, located in transcribed diary (journal) written by William C. McDonald, related to a Puget Sound coastal rowboat trip taken from Tacoma to Shelton (via Olympia). April 27, 1892 - May 15, 1892. The photographs were taken by companion Charles E. Taylor and the journal was transcribed by Harry Compton, ca. 1900. The photograph on page 4 of the journal shows a small (probably seasonal) Indian fishing Puget Sound beach camp, located between Point Defiance and Steilacoom (Pierce County, Washington). Three (possibly Nisqually or Puyallup) Native Americans (two boys and one woman or older girl holding a cat), either Taylor or McDonald, and a dog stand next to a tent and a wood lean to structure. Several Native American canoes are also visible. Accompanying text describes the beach camp in detail.
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    Outing in the last frontier/Puget Sound country
    Creation Date: ca. 1940
    Catalog ID: 2010.100.1
    Black and white image of a family camped next to a small pool formed by a waterfall in the Puget Sound region. A woman is standing at the opening of a lean-to type tent setting up a meal. A man is fishing in the pool, and two children are sitting on a rock watching him.
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    [Sultan Crew on Deer Creek]
    Creation Date: 1953
    Catalog ID: C1992.1.34.4
    Photograph of a work crew identified as the Sultan Crew, setting up a Washington Forestry Service work camp on Deer Creek, Snohomish County. In the foreground is the creek, lined with large stones and a high bank. What appears to be an old bridge footing is at the left foreground of the image. At the top of the bank is a larger group of young men lining the bank. Behind them and to their left are lean-to tents. One man dressed in white is standing a little below the rest of the men.
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    Indian Women - Washington
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: S1992.27.178.1
    Black and white photographic print, image of 7 Plateau culture area women (Middle Columbia River Salishan tribal affiliation, possibly Sinkiuse or Entiat) and 2 small children, standing and sitting in a group facing the photographer, in an open area temporary camp site near Waterville, Douglas County, or possibly near the convergence of the Entiat/Columbia River (Chelan County) Washington, ca. 1900. They wear European clothing, and one woman has a trade blanket draped over her shoulders. Two saddle bags are on the ground in front, and another blanket, possibly a Pendleton, cloth items, metal pans, and tent are on the ground behind the group. Caption written in ink on front lower mount edge: " Indian Women - Washington (Waterville) - 1900." Written in ink on reverse: "Corral" - Cattle Ranch of Rogers & Howe at the "Entiat" on Columbia River - Washington (winter)" Brothers-in-law Albert Rogers and M.B. Howe owned large amount of land in the Entiat/Waterville area of Douglas and Chelan Counties.
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    [Indian Woman and Infant]
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: 1973.52.866.1.20
    Call Number: Photo Lot 166, Wehn Box 1, folder 16 number 16
    photographic print showing an (unidentified) Indian woman holding a infant in a cradle board taken outdoors, location unknown but possibly on or near the Suquamish Indian Reservation, Port Madison, Kitsap County, Washington, undated, ca.1900. The Puget Sound Salish woman is seated next to a lean to type of tent. A large partially constructed basket is visible next to her. Part of the James Wehn photograph collection and included with other photographs identified primarily as "Suquamish". Postcard