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    Current prices of drugs, chemicals, proprietary medicines...
    Creation Date: 1912
    Catalog ID: 2004.69.131
    Call Number: 610/St49c/1912
    831 page illustrated 1912 catalog (23.5x15.5 cm.) of Seattle wholesale druggists Stewart & Holmes Drug Co. Items include drugs, chemicals, proprietary medicines, druggists' sundries, wines, liquors cigars and laboratory products. Includes index.
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    [Tacoma Grocery Co., Wholesale Grocers, 2106 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma]
    Catalog ID: 2011.0.342
    Call Number: 2011.0.342
    Black and white undated, oblique photographic image of the 6 story Tacoma Grocery Co., Wholesale Grocers brick building, at 2106 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, taken from across the street. Four or 5 horse-team drawn delivery wagons are in front of the building. Several boxes are piled in front of the business. Construction workers are building a brick building adjacent to Tacoma Grocery Co., in image left.
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    Augustine & Kyer, 815-17 First Avenue, Seattle
    Creation Date: May 18, 1909
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.13394
    Call Number: 1943.42.13394
    Black and white elevated glass plate negative image of about 2 dozen horse-team drawn, covered delivery wagons of Augustine & Kyer, 815-817 First Avenue, Seattle, King County, WA, who are wholesale and retail grocers, parked parallel in front of the Colman Building which has their name above street front business windows, May 18, 1909. Julius W. Augustine is company president, and Henry A. Kyer is president. Several men in suits and coats stand near the wagons, and on the sidwalk behind them. Onlookers across the street, who are in image lower left corner, are watching the scene. Street front business signs in the Colman Building include: Men's Shoe Store; The Lang Drug Co., James M. Lang, president, C.A. Lang, vice-president; Hudson Bay Fur Co., Inc.; Northern Express Co.; Wells Fargo & Co. Express. Sign on upper story building window: Dr. John S. McBride, Surgeon. Sign on building at left image edge: The Postal Telegraph Building. Asahel Curtis
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    Creation Date: 2000-2008
    Catalog ID: 2010.152.55
    Notepad made of square white paper mounted on miniature wood pallet. In original plastic wrap packaging. Printed in red and blue print on all four sides of the pad: Costco/Wholesale.
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    Creation Date: 2000-2008
    Catalog ID: 2009.57.76
    Notepad made of square white paper mounted on miniature wood pallet. In original plastic wrap packaging. Printed in red and blue print on all four sides of the pad: Costco/Wholesale.
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    ...Saddlery hardware: harness makers' supplies, harness leathers, also shoe findings, shoe store and shoe makers' supplies and sole leather
    Creation Date: 1931
    Catalog ID: 1998.1.86
    Call Number: EPH-A/685.1/Ad18s/1910
    88 page illustrated wholesale catalog ((22x30.5 cm.) of saddlery hardware for sale by the Adams Leather Co. of Spokane, WA. Items include also shoe findings, shoe store and shoe makers' supplies and sole leather. Includes index; Gray cardboard cover with black and orange print. Dated 1910. Ephemera.
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    Stripping roe from female salmon, wholesale plant [Seattle] waterfront
    Creation Date: ca. 1925
    Catalog ID: 2015.15.2.18
    Call Number: 2015.15.2.18
    Black and white, close photographic image of a row of 6 men standing at a work counter, seen from one end, stripping roe from female salmon in a wholesale plant on the Seattle, King County, WA waterfront, taken ca. 1925. The worker in the foreground, the only one completely visible, holds up a salmon as he strips the roe. He is wearing oilskin pants, jacket, and possibly an oilskin hat. He is smoking a cigar. A container in the foreground contains roe and/or salmon parts. Pedrose Collection
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    [San Juan Fish Company Workers Packing Fish into Boxes, Seattle]
    Creation Date: Aug. 12, 1907
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.8311
    Call Number: 1943.42.8311
    Black and white, close glass plate negative image of San Juan Fish Company workers weighing and packing fish into wooden crates in a building on a Seattle, King County, WA dock, Aug. 12, 1907. Fish lie on the floor in image left. Fish are being weighed and packed into boxes in image center background. A man weighs fish on a large hanging scale in image right before packing them. A man in image center pushes a hand cart loaded with boxes of packed fish towards the photographer. The men wear oilskin aprons, and sleeve protectors. A coiled water hose hangs from a post at image left edge. Asahel Curtis
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    Water Wheel, North Yakima, Wash. for Watering Lawns.
    Creation Date: ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: S1992.27.80
    Call Number: S1992.27.80
    Black and white close photographic image of a water wheel in North Yakima, Yakima, Yakima County, WA, constructed for watering lawns, ca. 1910. Three pails are attached to cross boards on the visible part of the circular wooden wheel. Tall vegetation is in the foreground, and a flat area, possibly a dirt road is behind the water wheel. Northern Pacific Railway freight cars, with visible numbers, are in the background. A sign on a building visible behind the freight cars: Hays Fruit Co., Wholesale Fruits.
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    Twenty-sixth annual catalog
    Creation Date: 1923
    Catalog ID: 2015.1.8
    Call Number: EPH-A/645.4/F1t/1923
    448 page illustrated (some color)1923-1924 catalog (37x27 cm.) for F.S. Harmon & Co., wholesale home furnishers, Tacoma, Portland, Seattle, Spokane. Includes index and order blanks. Includes separate 40 page "Confidential Wholesale Price List" effective Feb. 11, 1924, applying to 1923-1924 catalog. Ephemera.