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    Wildflowers of the Olympics and Cascades
    Creation Date: ca. 1988
    Catalog ID: 2005.1.96
    Call Number: 582.13/St49w/1988
    [112] p.; ill. (some col.); 23 cm.; Includes index; Bibliography: p. [112]
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    Mountaineers in Mount Rainier National Park
    Creation Date: Aug. 22, 1912
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.25234
    Call Number: 1943.42.25234
    Black and white, close glass plate negative image of three male mountaineers, one a teenage boy, posing in a flat area with wildflowers in Mount Rainier National Park, Pierce County, WA, Aug. 22, 1912. All hold alpenstocks, wear climbing boots, and 2 have coiled climbing ropes over one shoulder. The teenage boy has a canteen slung over one shoulder, and he and another man wear law enforcement badges on their shirts. One man appears to have a hammer in a sheath on his belt. A slope with scattered evergreens in behind them, and Mount Rainier is partially visible in the background. Asahel Curtis
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    Mountain Phlox
    Creation Date: ca. 1916
    Catalog ID: C1943.127.5.21
    Photograph, tinted, of a large group of wildflowers identified as mountain phlox. They are in what appears to be a sand or dirt-covered area. .They are tinted blue, with green leaves. Curtis's catalogue system identifies this as being taken on Mount Rainier. Asahel Curtis, ca. 1916.
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    [Photo of wildflowers]
    Catalog ID: 1999.120.7.208
    Call Number: 1999.120.7.208
    Photo of wildflowers, taken during the Mountaineers' 1915 hike around Mount Rainier.
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    Flower Meadows Rainier National park
    Creation Date: ca. 1912
    Catalog ID: C2017.0.74
    Call Number: Photo A
    Photograph, tinted, of a landscape identified as Mount Rainier with flowers. In the foreground ais a field of wildflowers, tinted blue, pink and yellow. In the distance is the snow-capped Mount Rainier. A few evergreens are in the middle distance.
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    [Horseback Riders on Van Trump Trail]
    Creation Date: Aug. 20, 1913
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.27857
    Call Number: Curtis 27857; album 122, p. 38
    glass plate negative and photographic print in album, a group of five people ( three women and two men, all unidentified) on mountaineering horseback riding trip are shown on the Van Trump Trail, in Mount Rainier National Park, Aug. 20, 1913. Asahel Curtis, photographer. Wild flowers are visible in the surrounding alpine meadow area and snow fields and glaciers are visible on a higher mountain elevation above the trail. Asahel Curtis
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    Mt. Rainier, Paradise Park
    Creation Date: 1895
    Catalog ID: 1994.123.108
    Call Number: 1994.123.109
    A summer view of Mt. Rainier with Paradise Park filled with wildflowers in foreground.
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    Blue Gentian
    Creation Date: ca. 1916
    Catalog ID: C1943.127.5.13
    Photograph, tinted, of a field of flowers, identified as gentians. They have been tinted blue, with green leaves. There are a few other flowers tinted yellow and white. The sky in the background is tinted light pink and blue. Curtis's cataloguing system identifies this as being taken on Mount Rainier.
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    Creation Date: ca. 1910
    Catalog ID: C1943.127.5.6
    Photograph, tinted, of a clump of asters. The flowers are tinted pink, with green leaves. Clumbs of snowbells are in the background, tinted white and green
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    Mt. Adams - Washington
    Creation Date: ca. 1950
    Catalog ID: 2001.13.250
    Call Number: 2001.13.250
    Mount Adams, Skamania County, WA, ca. 1950. as seen from the area of Morrison Creek. Wildflowers, possibly liatris, visible in foreground, with larger evergreen trees behind them. Postcard. Clarence Christian, photographer