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    [Japanese zodiac rat figure]
    Creation Date: ca. 1990-2002
    Catalog ID: 2021.29.5
    Hariko bobblehead figure for the Year of the Rat, ca. 1990-2002. Made in Japan. Parts are: a) figure; b) box. Figure made of papier mache and painted white overall. It is shown in a crouching position with front paws below bobbing head. Round raised body has a blue Japanese character painted on top. Green/yellow and red/white spirals are painted on sides. Attached on shoulders is a piece of red paper applied in zigzag form with ends protruding. Attached at center top is a large gold bow made of multiple pieces of gold wire that are affixed together. The head is oval shape with round ears and painted features. It tilts slightly toward proper right and upward. The rectangular cardboard box has a removeable lid. The surfaces are covered in pale yellow paper with decoration of green, silver and brown chop type marks.
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    [Japanese zodiac dragon figure]
    Catalog ID: 2021.29.6
    Hariko bobblehead figure for Year of the Dragon, ca. 1990-2002. Made in Japan. Made of molded papier mache which is painted orange overall. The figure is shown in squat position so the base is oval in shape. The tail curves upward behind the head. There is a slot to hold spikes made of red paper with gold trim. Gold scallop forms appear on front and back of sides and in crescent shapes down front. The sides bulge where wings might be. They are painted gold with black Japanese script written on them. Below is a spiral in blue with white borders. The somewhat square head has a protruding nose and jaw. Inserted into top right side is a gold tube made of wood (?) to serve as a horn. Other facial featuers in black, gold and red.
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    [box for stamps]
    Creation Date: 1890-1930
    Catalog ID: 2005.51.5
    Small rectangular stamp box made of bronze, Dore bronze in Art Deco style. With hinged lid. Surface decorated with embossed curved lines. Lid design divided into two sections. One has image of goat with stars. Other is image of human figure with stars. Band around each figure forms figure 8 on surface. Other intertwining bands around edges and center. Surface colored red. Interior divided into three compartments with slanted surfaces.
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    [Japanese zodiac monkey figure]
    Creation Date: ca. 1990-2002
    Catalog ID: 2021.29.1
    Hariko bobblehead figure for the Year of the Monkey. Made in Japan ca. 1990-2000. The seated figure is made of papier mache and painted. Painted white overall. Figure wears a dark bue vest and holds a gold metal bell with green, blue, and gold covered wires around it. The head has painted facial features and molded ears. Affixed to back is red paper label with white Japanese script.
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    [Japanese zodiac ram figure]
    Creation Date: ca. 1990-2002
    Catalog ID: 2021.29.7
    Hariko bobblehead ram figure for the Year of the Ram/sheep/ox, ca. 1990-2002. Made in Japan. The figure is shown standing and turning slightly towards proper left. It has a thick body and short feet that are painted black at front. Tail is painted black. The head has clearly delineated tan color horns and gray/red ears that are painted on curved areas on either side of head. Other facial features are painted on front. There is an added curved section below to serve as a ruff. It s painted orange with gold dashes. Gold curlicue forms are on the forehead. On chest and body, there are orange colored areas with floral designs ad blue swirls. A Japanese script form is on the body at center of orange area. Attached to back of neck is a red cord tie with gold metal bell attached.
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    [serving tray]
    Creation Date: ca. 1970
    Catalog ID: 2017.0.226
    Round serving tray, ca. 1970. Tray has indented round center with sloping sides and slanted rim edge. Rim edge and underside are painted black. Upper side is turquoise blue. At center is a large red brown sun with humanoid face and yellow rays around it. Around the sun are the signs of the Zodiac, including names and illustrations of the representations of the signs.
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    untitled (brick with zodiac signs)
    Creation Date: 1910-1970
    Catalog ID: 1973.52.232
    Brick is made of cast cement and painted red, 1910-1970. Five sides of the brick have symbols from the Chinese zodiac. They are a crab, a human head with an elaborate headdress, a snake, a dragon, a crest-like design. Edges of the brick have been crudely rounded.
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    [Japanese zodiac boar/pig figure]
    Creation Date: 1995
    Catalog ID: 2021.29.13
    Hariko bobblehead figure for the Year of the Boar/Monkey. Made in Japan, ca. 1995. Partsw are: a) figure; b) box; c) paper insert. The standing figure is made of papier mache and painted white overall. Both sides of the body have painted brown polka dots and red/green floral design on yellow circle. A blue stripe extends from snout to tip of tail. the head has long snout with yellow painted tusks on either side. Facial features are painted on slightly molded head. A bow made of red cordage is attached to a gold metal bell at top front of back. Yellow paper label with black print is affixed in front of it. The rectangular box is made of cardboard and has a removeble lid. The surfaces are covered with white paper with circle designs in green, gray and orange color. The white paper insert has a red tone illustration of a boar. Japanese script is printed over it and to side.
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    Creation Date: 1973
    Catalog ID: 2017.36.6
    Wall hanging made of burlap, embroidered with the twelve signs of the zodiac. There are also areas of pulled thread work, embroidered flowers, and beads sewed to the surface. There are wood rods lashed to the top and bottom of the hanging and a hanging cord of green yarn. Made by Gail Gerstmar from a pattern in Woman's Day magazine, September 1973.
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    Creation Date: 1886-1900
    Catalog ID: 2001.0.89
    Globe of the world (a) with wooden stand (b). Made in France, 1886-1900. Globe is mounted in a brass ring which is marked to allow calculation of longitude and latitude. It is attached to the globe with brass fittings. Place names on the globe are labeled in French. The stand is a dark brown wood with a brass fitting which holds the brass ring around the globe. It has three legs and four arms which support a flat rim around the center of the globe. The rim is marked with signs of the zodiac, months of the year, and directions. Printed on globe in Pacific Ocean region: Globe Terrestre/dessine par/H.Kiepert Berlin.D.Reimer/Libraire editeur/ 1886/grave P. J. Salzer. Imprime p. L. Kraatz./Cours des bateaux a vapeur oceaniques