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    [Catalog of nursery stock]
    Creation Date: 1895
    Catalog ID: 2011.62.1
    Call Number: 631.52/N814c/1895
    [73] page catalogue (22x13.5 cm.) of The Northern Nurseries of Chewelah, WA, 1895. The catalog contains 73 colored lithographs of apples, pears, cherries, plums, grapes, gooseberries, blackberries, raspberries, roses, gladiolas, tulips, walnut trees, and decorative trees. Price listed in pencil in lower left corner of most pages. Title assigned by cataloger.
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    "Seeds from the north"
    Creation Date: 1927
    Catalog ID: 2013.154.33.1
    Call Number: EPH/635.9/Sn52se/1927
    commercial horticultural nursery catalog, "Seeds from the north", Snohomish County Fruit Growers Ass'n, Snohomish, Washington, 1927, 79 pages, illustrated seed catalog. Includes fruit, vegetable, flower, and grass seeds. Color illustrated wraps feature vegetables (front) and flowers (back).
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    Current prices of drugs, chemicals, proprietary medicines...
    Creation Date: 1912
    Catalog ID: 2004.69.131
    Call Number: 610/St49c/1912
    831 page illustrated 1912 catalog (23.5x15.5 cm.) of Seattle wholesale druggists Stewart & Holmes Drug Co. Items include drugs, chemicals, proprietary medicines, druggists' sundries, wines, liquors cigars and laboratory products. Includes index.
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    Ranger bicycles, 1917
    Creation Date: 1917
    Catalog ID: 1999.122.149
    Call Number: EPH-A/388.3472/M461r/1917
    64 p.; ill.; 28 cm.; Includes index; Col. illus. wraps
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    Canton Plows
    Creation Date: 1912
    Catalog ID: 1995.106.2
    Call Number: EPH/631.55/P239/1912
    One trade catalog (40 p., ill, photos, calendar, 23.5 x 15 cm.) for Canton Plows from Parlin & Orendorff Plow Co. of Portland, OR, 1912. They are jobbers of plows, harrows, cultivators, and other farm equipment. The catalog contains illustrations and descriptions of the various pieces of equipment as well as calendar pages with phases of the moon and sun rising and setting times. Light green paper cover with an illustration of factory buildings with "P & O" on the smokestack. The olive green smoke coming from the stack encircles the company name and a drawing of a plow.
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    Bulbs, Plants, Roses, Fruit Stocks, Routledge Seed & Floral Co., 1920-1921
    Creation Date: 1920
    Catalog ID: 2019.1.131
    Call Number: EPH/635.9/R765b/1920[
    Trade catalog for routledge Seed & Floral co., 1920-1921. 18 p., illus. color wraps. Colored front wrap depicts single tulips, colored rear wrap depicts choice peonies. Catalogue contains black and white illustrations of a wide variety of flowers, vegetables and fruit trees available from the Routlledge Seed & Floral Company of Portland, OR. Ephemera
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    Pacific Trail Sportswear
    Creation Date: 1975
    Catalog ID: 2001.111.3
    Call Number: EPH-A/796.93/P119p/1975
    35 p.; color ill.
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    Fifteenth book of specimens: from the Cincinnati Type Foundry
    Creation Date: 1883
    Catalog ID: 1996.61.1.4
    Call Number: 686.224/C491f/1883
    148 p.; ill.; 27.5 cm.; Includes price list
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    Seed catalog & planting guide for 1918, tested seeds, 1918 seed and plant manual
    Creation Date: 1918
    Catalog ID: 2013.154.1.58
    Call Number: EPH/635.9/Aa12se/1918
    96 page illustrated seed catalog (25x18 cm.) from the Aabling-Boyce Seed Co. of Seattle. "A comprehensive collection of flower and vegetable seeds, cut flowers and floral designs, plants, roots, grass, clover and field seeds, fertilizers, spraying materials and appliances, poultry and stock supplies bee supplies, garden tools, valuable tables and information for the agriculturist. Published in 1918. Color illustrated covers. Ephemera.
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    Spring & summer season 1916 [catalog], The Royal Tailors, Chicago--New York
    Creation Date: 1916
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.246
    Call Number: OVERSIZE-FLAT/391.1/R812sp/1916
    Color illustrated 1916 catalog (56x50 cm.) of fabric samples (removed) available from The Royal Tailors, Chicago--New York. 56 cardboard pages of samples opposite text and illustrations. Black cloth cover with embossed gold-colored lettering and color illustration of tiger.