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    Palm-pom [blue bathing suit/swimsuit]
    Creation Date: 1930-1945
    Catalog ID: C1951.250.28.53
    Painting depicts a woman, full length, wearing a blue bathing suit cut at the hips and shoulders, with a green decorative pattern throughout. She is shown kneeling on a beach towel and wearing a yellow sun hat.
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    [Middy blouse]
    Creation Date: 1960-1962
    Catalog ID: 2005.18.9
    A white Middy blouse (a) with removeable collar (b), pair of removable cuffs (c, d), and removeable tie (e), 1960-1962. Blouse made of white cotton cloth. It has small pocket on left side of chest. Navy blue collar with white stripe which attaches to shirt by 5 plastic buttons. Pair of cuffs attach to shirt sleeve by several buttons. Black neck tie is worn with the blouse.