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    [tray; platter]
    Creation Date: ca. 1890-1910
    Catalog ID: 1911.1.16
    Tray/platter, Northern Northwest Coast culture area / Haida, ca. 1890-1910. Handmade, carved of argillite. Tray is oval shaped, long and shallow. Underside is undecorated. Carved into interior is split formline design of a whale with large head and open mouth with teeth. A fine extends out from back of head. Tail has two lobes. Eyes and eye form in tail have inlaid pieces of abalone. Outer edge is flat and 3/4" wide.
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    [speaker's staff]
    Creation Date: 1880-1910
    Catalog ID: 1991.0.112
    Speaker's staff, Northwest Coast culture area / Northern Northwest culture area / Haida, 1880-1910. Handmade, carved, and stained dark brown and made of a long cylindrical piece of wood that is slightly bent in opposite directions at lower and upper ends. The top has a long depressed areas on top of which is a crouching humanoid figure that looks toward back of staff. The main part of the staff alternates between carvings of human figures and ravens in formline design. The two human figures in this area are elongated. Lower end of staff is undecorated for 11".
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    [model totem pole]
    Creation Date: 1890-1910
    Catalog ID: 1911.1.32
    Model totem pole, Northwest Coast culture area / northern Northwest Coast culture area / Haida (?), 1890-1910. Handcarved, and painted on front and back, the pole has a green and red bird at the top, possibly a kingfisher. Its head extends through the yellow face of a man. The man is seated on a bear like figure. Its rump is carved in the back. The bear holds in its paws a man with red body and yellow head. Below is a green frog. Painted on back is a large face, green and yellow with large black nose, mouth and brows.
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    [model canoe paddle]
    Creation Date: 1890-1940?
    Catalog ID: 1959.19.272
    Model canoe paddle, Northern Northwest Coast culture area / possibly Haida, 1890-1940? Handcarved of light brown wood. The paddle has rectangular top, notches on either side below handle, tapered handle into expanded paddle. Tip has a rounded point. Handle and notched area painted gold.There are diagonal green and red lines below it. Paddle painted on both sides with black formline eye, ear, and beak that is painted yellow in center. Upper and ;lower ends are painted blue and gold. Behind eye are red oval shapes. One side has blue oval shapes.
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    [model totem pole]
    Creation Date: 1960-1981
    Catalog ID: 1981.118.3357
    Small model totem pole, Northwest Coast Indian art style / Haida style, 1960-1981. Cast of black plastic. At top is a bird with outstretched wings, followed by another bird, body of whale (?), raven, and bear. All cast of one piece; striations visible on back and bottom of base.
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    [model totel pole]
    Creation Date: 1880-1920
    Catalog ID: 1993.0.1748
    Model totem pole, Haida, 1880-1920. Hand carved of argillite, black, and wider at bottom than top.. Figures from the top: unidentifiable, raven with potlatch rings, sculpin, wings or fins. Separate rectangular base with rounded front corners, attached with glue. Hollowed-out back.
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    [model totem pole]
    Creation Date: 1880-1915
    Catalog ID: 1993.0.1749
    Model totem pole, northern Northwest Coast culture area / Haida, 1880-1915. Handmade and carved of argillite. Black in color. Figures (top to bottom): mountain goat; human figure; bear holding a small human figure horizontally with its arm in the bear's mouth.
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    In the Spirit: Northwest Native Arts Market and Festival, 2011
    Creation Date: Aug. 6, 2011
    Catalog ID: 2011.41.1.16
    Compact disc with digital photography of Native American performers at the In the Spirit: Northwest Native Arts Market and Festival featured at the Washington State History Museum on August 6, 2011. The series includes songs and dances performed by members of several tribes, including: Aleut, Haida, Muckleshoot, Quileute, Tlingit, Tsimshian, and others. 46 digital photographs archived. Performance schedule available online as related media.
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    Creation Date: ca. 1890s-ca. 1930?
    Catalog ID: 1944.109.74
    Cylindrical basket, Northern Northwest Coast culture area / Haida, ca. 1890s-1930? Handmade using light brown spruce root in plain twine. The round base is twined around base. Sides curve up and are decorated with three wide black dyed horizontal bands and one narrow one below decorative rim edge. A possible wider fourth band is between lower dark band and base. At top, there is a 1 3/4" wide band of wrapped twining evenly spaced into seven rows below a braided rim edge.