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    "Fort Vancouver with Mt. Hood in Background"
    Creation Date: 1968
    Catalog ID: 2009.0.471
    Call Number: 2009.0.471
    Photographic print, "Fort Vancouver with Mt. Hood in Background," copy of painting by Ruth Babbit, interior view of trading post or store at Fort Vancouver, W. T., four men and dog are shown, surrounded by various supplies. Two of the men hold guns, and the other two hold ropes. WSHS also owns original painting: 1969.129.1. Painting is reproduced on page 33 of the WSHS booklet,"Northwest Forts and Trading Posts", published July, l968. Date of original painting, 1968.
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    [Convention pin for Rebekah Assembly]
    Creation Date: 1996
    Catalog ID: 2009.104.9
    Convention pin for Rebekah Assembly (I.O.O.F.) for the Grand Sessions, held in Portland, OR, 1996. Round enameled pin made of gold tone metal with post backing and squeeze fastener. Printed on front of pin is illustration of a white Mount Hood on green landscape against blue sky. Three chain link motif with letters "F" "L" "T" inside each link printed beneath mountain. Red Rose motif printed on front of pin beneath chain link motif. Printed in gold letters along edge of pin: Grand Sessions/Portland 1996.