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    [group of cacao beans]
    Creation Date: 1914-1917?
    Catalog ID: 1947.5.6
    Large group of cacao beans. All slightly oblong, roundish, with red/brown coating.
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    Collection Item 52762
    Creation Date: 1914-1917?
    Catalog ID: 1947.5.8
    Group of 15 nuts, possibly macadamia nuts. Each near round with points on two ends, and lighter tan lines extending almost from point to point. Hard dull brown shell.
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    Voyage of the U.S. Exploring Squadron, commanded by Captain Charles Wilkes...: together with explorations and discoveries made by Admiral D'Urville, Captain Ross, and other navigators and travellers.
    Creation Date: 1860-1880
    Catalog ID: 2007.0.246
    Call Number: 979.511/J417e/1890
    xxii, [23]-517 p.: plates; 23.5 cm. No date. Report of explorations by the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842, led by Charles Wilkes. Also included is information about explorations and discoveries made by Admiral D'Urville, Captain Ross, and other navigators and travellers.
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    Collection Item 62534
    Creation Date: 1914-1917?
    Catalog ID: 1947.5.13
    Single large seed, oval shaped. Two sides covered with hard, smooth, and shiny brown surface. Third side which is open surface between shiny surfaces is duller brown and slightly rougher. Smaller seed inside pod.
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    Collection Item 83219
    Catalog ID: 2001.65.17
    Two geometric designs placed side by side along the TE of the paper. Each is about 2.5" wide and 3.5"-4" long.
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    Humboldt and the cosmos
    Creation Date: 1973
    Catalog ID: 2013.154.12
    Call Number: 979.511/B659h/1973
    295 page biography (27x20 cm.) of Alexander von Humboldt, 1769-1859, written by Douglas Botting. Humboldt's vision of the nature of the world, published in his greatest work, "Cosmos," was based on scientific observations during his explorations in South America and Siberia. Lavishly illustrated with 40 pages in full color and over 130 monochrome pictures. Published in New York in 1973.
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    "Novae Insulae XVII Nova Tabula"
    Creation Date: 1540-1542
    Catalog ID: 1975.14.3
    Call Number: MAPB/A/1540
    early map, woodblock print, "Novae Insulae XVII Nova Tabula," (New World), the earliest map to show North and South America connected to each other but separate from any other land form, and to identify the Pacific Ocean (Mare Pacificum), Sebastian Munster (1489-1552), cartographer, dated 1540 -1542. North and South America are shown in relation to western Africa, Spain, and the far east (China, Japan, and India). Illustration of the ship of Ferdinand Magellan appears on front of the map and textual description of the discovery of the Americas by Christopher Columbus printed on verso of map, with Latin text. First published in Ptolemy's "Geographia", Basel, 1540, and reprinted in later editions in varying languages. From the Edward Allen Map Collection.
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    Pacific Ocean
    Creation Date: 1820
    Catalog ID: 1975.14.33
    Call Number: MAPA/PO/1820
    Small map of the Pacific Ocean, from east Asia (Russia/China) to North and South America (western coast), including Australia and smaller islands in the Pacific, dated 1820. A small illustration in the upper right corner of map depicts the "Whale Fishery in the Pacific". From the Edward Allen Map Collection.
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    "A New and Accurat Map of the World"
    Creation Date: 1651
    Catalog ID: 1975.14.13
    Call Number: MAPB/W/1651
    Map of the World, divided into two hemispheres, dated 1651. Published in Gt. Britain as part of John Speed's "Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain" (atlas). Highly colored, annotated map, features illustrations of the four elements (fire, water, air, earth), celestial events, zodiac, and famous explorers. California is shown as an island. The western part of North America is largely depicteded as unexplored. The verso of the map includes printed text "The General Description of the World". From the Edward Allen Map Collection.
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    [glass marble]
    Creation Date: 1980-2001
    Catalog ID: 2003.0.1137
    Glass marble made of blue transparent glass. Painted onto surface in green paint is map of world, showing continents, Greenland, Cuba and other small islands. 1980-2001