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    Slayden Cabin, Cheechako Hill
    Creation Date: May 13, 1900
    Catalog ID: 1976.56.1.39
    Call Number: 1976.56.1.39
    Black and white, close oblique angle cellulose nitrate negative image of the front and side of the Slayden Cabin on Cheechako Hill, Yukon Territory, May 13, 1900. Three people are posing on the small covered front porch of the cabin, from left to right: Katie Slayden; Phil Slayden, a small boy wearing a cap, sitting on the edge of the porch; Bill JWS Slayden, who may also be known as J.W. Slayden. A dog is partially visible behind one of the porch posts. Curtains are visible through the window in image left. A tent is next to the cabin in image right. Photo by Henry M. Sarvant
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    [Crowell and Graff mill men]
    Creation Date: ca.1900
    Catalog ID: C1949.1230.16.2
    Call Number: C1949.1230.16.2
    A group of men and children sit on a large log. The men are wearing work clothes, dark pants, long sleeved shirts, and cork boots. One wears a cap and 3 wear western hats. The children are all barefoot; 3 boys, 1 girl wearing a light colored dress. The youngest boy wears a sailor shirt. In the background is a low building with a roof of vertical slats. Inscription: Back: "Howard Robinson" Handwritten on image: front: "Crowell and Graff mill men" back: "second on log is Roy Scott" "Crowell". Howard Robinson, photographer, ca. 1900.
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    [photo of boys and girls in Mary Davis' kindergarten class]
    Creation Date: ca. 1930
    Catalog ID: 1996.85.20
    Call Number: 1996.85.20
    Photo of boys and 4 girls, members of Mary Davis' kindergarten class, who are dressed for a mock wedding, on the lawn of the old home of Dr. Clark. They stand as couples, with one girl dressed as a bride, and the others as bridesmaids. Each of the boys, dressed in a formal suit, holds a top hat in his hand. Names written in pencil on back, from left to right, are Frank "Buster" Broulette, Montery Greene, Kenneth LeVac, Shirley Smeezey Zehnder, Roland Robertson, Nadine Conlan Gerard Michaelson, Stanly "Skeeter" Elecson, Joanne Ward Mattingly. Dinger, photographer, ca. 1930.
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    "Taylor Residence Puyallup Reservation"
    Catalog ID: 1923.5.17
    Call Number: IND/PUY/1.01.003
    Black and white undated photographic image of Joe Taylor, a Puyallup, and his family on the steps of his residence on the Puyallup Indian Reservation, Pierce County, WA. Joe Taylor and a woman are seated on chairs flanking the doorway of the partially visible home. She holds a small girl on her lap, and a small boy and 2 girls stand beside them. A man and a woman peer from the doorway. Thomas H. Rutter, photographer, no date..
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    [portrait of an unknown boy]
    Creation Date: ca. 1945-1947
    Catalog ID: 1974.35.10.4281.1
    Call Number: Virna Haffer Negative Collection
    Safety negative, portrait of a young unknown boy. Virna Haffer, photographer, undated, ca. 1945-47.