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    Creation Date: 1960-1979
    Catalog ID: C1979.8.10.5
    Wood carving representing a seated boy, carved and painted. One of a set of 13 pieces representing a family sitting on benches and watching televison. the boy has brown hair and has his hands on his hips. He is wearing an off-white shirt, gray pants and black shoes.
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    High School Manual Training, Vader Wn.
    Creation Date: ca. 1915
    Catalog ID: 2008.1.56
    Black and white ca. 1915 postcard image of 13 male students, and the teacher of the high school manual training class in Vader, Lewis County, WA, standing on the steps of a frame building. Tools held by the students include a mallet, rip saw, miter saw, jack plane, L-square, and brace.
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    School group in Twisp
    Creation Date: ca. 1905
    Catalog ID: 2013.154.1.194
    Call Number: 2013.154.1.194
    Black and white image of a school group in Twisp, Okanogan County, WA. The photo shows three women standing next to the door of a wooden building. On either side of them are about a dozen boys and girls of all ages.
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    Boy's Basketball Team, Asotin High School
    Creation Date: 1934
    Catalog ID: 2004.154.4
    Call Number: 2004.154.4
    Black and white photographic image of 8 members of the Asotin High School basketball team posing in uniform, with a teacher or coach, on grass in Asotin, Asotin County, WA, 1934. One boy holds a basketball printed: 1934. One player has a small bandage on his upper arm that may be covering a vaccination.
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    [Seven young people]
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: C1971.36.140.8
    Photograph of seven young people, five girls and two boys, identities unknown. They are lying at the top of a hillside covered with tall grass, so only their heads are visible. Three of the girls are wearing elaborate hats.
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    First Store in Mineral
    Catalog ID: 2006.116.200
    Call Number: 2006.116.200
    Black and white, undated photographic image of men, women, one holding an infant, and children posing in front of the first store, a general store, in Mineral, Lewis County, WA. Brooms, boots, possibly a wheelbarrow, and other merchandise are displayed on the porch in front of the store. The image is dark, and individual features are difficult to discern. One man has a shovel over his shoulder at image left edge. A saddled horse is in image right background. Dense trees are in the background. Lynch-White Collection
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    [Portrait of Woman and Child]
    Catalog ID: 2011.0.68
    Call Number: 2011.0.68
    Black and white undated studio portrait of a seated woman and small boy, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA. The woman wears a long satin dress, and her arm is wrapped around the child. She looks at an open book held in her other hand. The boy, wearing button shoes, smiles at the photographer.
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    Dedication, Lieut. W.H. Slaughter Monument near Auburn, May 31, 1919.
    Creation Date: May 31, 1919
    Catalog ID: 2698
    Call Number: PHOTO-C PAN 2698
    Panoramic photo showing the dedication of a stone monument to Lieutenant William Alloway Slaughter, near Auburn, WA. The monument, with the inscription barely legible, is in photo center. Many men and women are posed around the monument, including 2 U.S. Army soldiers in uniform. Ezra Meeker stands by the Monument. Same image as Boland negative 1957.64 E1160.
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    Annual Meeting Pioneers Pierce and Thurston Counties, Pt. Defiance Park, July 9th, 1919
    Creation Date: Jul. 9, 1919
    Catalog ID: 2695
    Call Number: 2695
    Panoramic photo of the annual meeting of pioneers from Pierce and Thurston Counties at Point Defiance Park, Tacoma, WA. Many men and women are grouped together in a posed photo. Several children, and a domestic dog, are also included. Possibly William Pierce Bonney, holding an infant high against his chest, is standing near left edge photo.
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    Jewish Talmud - 4 & I St. - Kids
    Creation Date: Apr. 8, 1928
    Catalog ID: 1957.64.B18322
    Call Number: 1957.64.B18322
    Boys and girls, with a few men and women in the background, stand posing for the camera on a stage at the Talmud Torah Congregation synagogue, 901 S. 4th St., Tacoma, WA, celebrating Purim. behind a U shaped banquet table spread with food on a white table cloth. The boys wear hats with horizontal stripes.