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    [Victims of Streetcar Wreck, Tacoma, July 4, 1900]
    Creation Date: Jul. 4, 1900
    Catalog ID: 2011.0.356
    Call Number: 2011.0.356
    Black and white photographic image of 4 dead victims of the streetcar wreck in South Tacoma, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA on July 4, 1900, lying on the ground, their bodies partially visible. A crowd of onlookers are visible, including a boy staring down at one of the corpses. Two or 3 uniformed policemen are among the group, but their heads aren't visible. Another man, whose head is not visible, is probably wearing a strap round his chest and waist for supporting the staff of a large flag while marching.
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    [Man and Two Boys Plowing in Cabbage Field, Spokane Valley]
    Creation Date: Aug. 1916
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.35338
    Call Number: 1943.42.35338
    Black and white glass plate negative image of a farmer pausing to look at the photographer as he guides a horse drawn plow through a cabbage field in the Spokane Valley, Spokane County, WA, Aug. 1916. A small boy sits on the horse's back, and an even smaller boy stands beside the horse. All wear overalls. Their faces are hidden under wide brimmed hats. Rollling farmland extends into the background.
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    S.S. Clara Brown, Shelton, WA
    Catalog ID: 2011.0.192
    Call Number: 2011.0.192
    Black and white undated photographic image from land of many men, a few women, and a few boys posing on the 2 decks of the steamship S.S. Clara Brown, which has a sternwheel that is not visible, probably next to a dock in Shelton, Mason County, WA.
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    Be Glad You Can Give
    Creation Date: 1929
    Catalog ID: 1994.0.361
    Call Number: WWI & II Coll./Folder 28B/Box 1
    Small poster or sign indicating that one has given to the Community Fund. Sign has a depiction of a boy in tattered blue cap and brown coat, holding a piece of bread with one bite out of it. The boy is smiling. The inscription reads: "Be Glad You Can Give/We've Given Community Fund." Great Depression.
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    [Boy Floyd, with His Dog Jack]
    Creation Date: Jul. 23, 1915
    Catalog ID: 2012.110.20
    Call Number: 2012.110.20
    Black and white photographic image, a full length studio portrait of Floyd, a five year old boy, taken on his birthday, July 23, 1915, in an unidentified location. He wears a knee pants and shirt set, attached with buttons at the waist, with a large collar, and a bow tied at the neck. He also wears a hat. His hand rests on the head of his dog Jack, who sits at his side. A toy wagon, rake, hoe, and shovel are at Floyd's feet.
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    [Many Men on Large Diameter Stump, Skagit County]
    Catalog ID: 1936.32.4
    Call Number: 1936.32.4
    Black and white, undated photographic image of at least 50 men and some small boys posing, sitting and standing, on a very large diameter stump in Skagit County, WA. A dog is lying down by one boy on left side of stump, and a boy on the right side may be holding a small puppy. Sutcliff Baxter, with long side whiskers, stands above the stump base to left of center. Three women, one holding an infant, and 2 girls are at the base. Three men are on horseback at image side edges, one holding a small girl aloft.
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    Central Church and Parsonage
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.310
    Call Number: 2012.0.310
    Black and white image of a church in Tacoma, Pierce County, WA. Central Methodist Church and Parsonage was located on I Street at the NE corner of South 21st in Tacoma. The church is a one story building with a full above ground basement The parsonage is a two and a half story house with a porch. Two men and a boy are standing on the walkway leading to the church's entrance.
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    [Japanese-American picnic]
    Creation Date: ca. 1919
    Catalog ID: 2009.20.50
    Call Number: 2009.20.50
    Black and white, ca. 1916-17, image of a group of Japanese-Americans picnicking near Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, including several men, a woman, and 5 girls and boys. Included in the photo are Kazuo, Mr. Niiyama, Moriichi Yamane and Matsuye, Fujie Niiyama with bow. Yamane family collection.
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    [Japanese funeral]
    Creation Date: ca.1918
    Catalog ID: 2009.20.28
    Call Number: 2009.20.28
    Black and white, ca. 1918, image of a funeral for a Japanese-American child at Buckley-King Mortuary, Tacoma, Pierce, County, WA. Several men, a few women, and 7 small girls and boys stand posing for the photographer in front of the funeral home. A small casket on a stand, with flowers on top, is at the center. Mr. Niiyama, 3rd from left; Moriichi Yamane, next to pillar with hat in hand; probably Sadako Yamane (Hirose), child dressed in white next to pillar (3 years old=1918). Yamane family collection. Mr. Hayashi stands in front at right, next to young boy, and Mr. Yamasaki stands fourth from right with
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    Preparedness Parade, WW I, Whiton Hardware Co., 110 First Avenue South, Seattle
    Creation Date: Jun. 1916
    Catalog ID: 1943.42.34334
    Call Number: 1943.42.34334
    Black and white close glass plate negative image of about 50 men, and 1 boy near image right edge, all wearing suits and hats, standing and posing on the sidewalk and curb in front of the Whiton Hardware Co., 110 First Avenue South, Seattle, King County, WA, with each one holding a U.S. flag, June 1916. Two signs: Whiton Hardware Co., are held erect by members of the group. They are participating in a preparedness parade during World War I.