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    [Commemorative plaque dated Apr. 18, 1964 for Rebekah Lodge no. 10, Clear Lake, (WA?)]
    Creation Date: 1964
    Catalog ID: 1998.22.493
    Commemorative plaque dated Apr. 18, 1964 for Rebekah Lodge no. 10, Clear Lake, (WA?). Made of white glazed cereamic in shield shape with gilded and raised edge. Sides flare out slightly toward back. Interior is hollow. Small hole at center top of back for hanging. Rebekah Lodge logo in gold at top consists of overlapping three chain links and crescent moon with seven stars over R. App. at center is horizontal row of brown fleur-de-lis like marks. In gold lettering at bottom is name, number of lodge and date. Handwritten in green and pink lettering above and below fleur-de-lis marks is information about plaque. First letter of each word is green; remainder of work is pink. Lodge number in green.
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    [crest pin for 2nd Infantry Division (Indianhead), U.S. Army]
    Creation Date: 2000-2011
    Catalog ID: 2012.48.209
    Crest pin for the 2nd Infantry (Indianhead) Division, United States Army, 2000-2011. Made of silver tone metal in shape of a scroll around three sides and top of a tomahawk at top. On back are two backing posts with squeeze fasteners. Most of the surface is silver in color with center black. Printed in black lettering on scroll: Second to None. Enameled on blade of tomahawk is a blue fleur-de-lis. Attached to handle are three blue feathers.
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    [wall clock]
    Creation Date: 1690-1720
    Catalog ID: 1992.0.327
    Comtoise clock, Mayet type, 1690-1720. Sheet metal case topped by bell with striking mechanism. Case is topped by simple brass pediment. Front has brass dial, hands and ornamental pieces (swags, fleur de lis). All original.
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    [reigmental unit pin]
    Creation Date: 1950-1990?
    Catalog ID: 2007.0.118
    Regimental distinguishing unit type pin, 1950-1990? Made by N.S. Meyer Inc., New York, of silver tone metal with threaded post and washer fastener. Triangular shaped with curved tip. Surface is a thin layer of copper colored brass (?). At top left are three diagoinal enameled lines in light blue. At center and extending out to edges are diagonal stripes and C shaped section between. They are brown color and probably once held light blue enamel. At top of pin is black enameled head of a warthog (?). Row of copper color/blue enamel beading at lower neck.
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    [serving dish]
    Creation Date: 1800-1900?
    Catalog ID: 1944.38.1
    Serving type bowl (a) with removeable lid (b). Made of pewter. Round raised foot with short stem holds large round and deep bowl. Two angular handles affixed to side. Decoration of raised band extends through handle area and above handle at rim. Lid is round with raised center with depression at center. At center top is urn shaped finial/handle. Rim edge is curved below central area. Line border around lower section and upper section's edge. Engraved on one side of lid is small coat of arms with curled line border around it. Coat of arms is shield shaped with point at bottom and notched upper corners. Shield divided into four parts. Upper left and lower right have fleur de lis forms against horizontal line background. Upper right and lower left sections have similar designs of two stars on either side of stacked triangles.
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    [cream pitcher]
    Creation Date: 1921
    Catalog ID: 1922.102.92
    Cream pitcher. Made of ceramic and glazed white on exterior and interior. Flat round base, round body with low center, tapering neck. Squeezed spout from what would be round opening at rim. Flat rim. Curved handle made of two sections. Sections are glazed green with yellow interior and black splotches to make them resemble snakes. Rim edge and base rim glazed yellow with diagonal orange dashes. Body is covered with a ornate floral decoration with large curved form at bottom which could resemble a bird or other animal. At center under spout is large red fleur-de-lis. From Italy (?), 1921.
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    [commemorative pin for World War I, World War II, and Desert Storm]
    Creation Date: ca. 1992
    Catalog ID: 2018.0.132
    Commemorative pin showing support for past wars World War I, World War II, and Operation Desert Storm. Made in Taipei, Taiwan by the Hong Woon Co. Pin is round with three indentations on edge between the scrolls noting the different wars. It is made of gold tone metal with post backing and fastener. At center is a green/gold laurel wreath and insignia for unknown group. There are three evergreen trees with red arch over them. Printed on arch: Comfort and Aid. Below is a black fleur-de-lis in white diamond form with red leaves below. Pin affixed to small white piece of paper with name and address of manufacturer.
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    [commemorative plate for 125th anniversary of the Wyoming Valley massacre]
    Creation Date: 1903
    Catalog ID: c1949.1154.6
    "National" or "Fleur-de-Lis Eagle & Flag" plate manufactured in 1903 by the Westmoreland Speciality Company. Made of molded white milk glass. Round base rim; round plate with raised rim edge. On rim edge are embossed stars. Mounted on rim edge is row of alternating U.S. eagle with outstretched wings and fleur-de-lis forms. At top is U.S. flag. Molded on back of flag: Pat. Sept.8.03/36538 Plate made to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the Wyoming Valley Massacre which took place in 1778 during the American Revolutionary War. From the collection of Ada Etsell Woodin.
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    [Boy Scout patch]
    Creation Date: 1971
    Catalog ID: 2005.89.4
    Boy Scout patch awarded to Steve Anderson in 1971. Patch given by Mount Rainier Council Scout-o-rama. Oval shaped with green stitched border. Center is white with machine stitched image of cartoon character, Snoopy wearing a tricorner hat and carrying a flag for Boy Scouts of America on a long staff. Snoopy also wears a red neckerchief with yellow slide. In front of him is a yellow fleur-de-lis with year stitched underneath it. Printed on patch: Mount Rainier Council/Scout-o-rama; 1971; BSA
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    [watch fob]
    Creation Date: 1885-1910
    Catalog ID: 1955.11.45
    Fob with metal clasp, ball and link at top and narrow woven vertical band of glass seed beads with fringe at bottom. Ground is rich dark blue with S A and fleur-de-lis in olive green beads. 1885-1910. On metal: V S (Van Sant) Stamped on metal: [E in circle mark on metal] - electroplate? Used by Van Sant family.