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    Apple talk: ''the king of fruits''
    Creation Date: ca. 1915
    Catalog ID: 2003.26.1
    Call Number: EPH/385.061/N814ap/1915
    16 p.; ill., map; 9 cm.; Col. illus. wraps; Includes detailed information relating to apple box labeling and grading
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    [souvenir pin for Wenatchee Apple Blossom Festival]
    Creation Date: 1976
    Catalog ID: 2000.41.6
    Round, pinback button for the 1976 Washington State Apple Blossom Festival, held in Wenatchee, WA. White with red/white/blue decoration. Red/white/blue apple with white stars against a blue background and red/white stripes at center; printing in blue circular border around edge.
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    [apple crate]
    Creation Date: 2009-2010
    Catalog ID: 2010.61.204
    Apple crate shipping crate manufactured by the Boise Co., Wallula, WA and used by the Sage Fruit Co., Yakima, WA 2009-2010. Rectangular; made of cardboard. Box made of brown cardboard. Lid exterior is white and decorated with large dark blue near square with abstract white sun design. Name of fruit company printed in large yellow orange letters across it. Illustration of a yellow orange apple below. Center of each box taped together with colorless, transparent packing tape. Illustration of red apples printed along one side of box. Carton contained 80 premium golden delicious apples, Wash. extra fancy. Printed on one end of box is note that chemicals coated with food grade vegetable and/or shellac based waxes may have been used to treat to maintain freshness of the product.
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    [fundraising pin for Apple Blossom Festival in Wenatchee, WA]
    Creation Date: 1900-1960
    Catalog ID: 1999.122.4
    Small, round, pinback button advertising fund raiser for the Apple Blossom Festival in Wenatchee, WA, 1900-1960. White with red/green image of an apple at center. Printing in black letters around edge. Printed on surface: The Wenatchee Booster Edward Nolan Collection
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    Apple Tree, Wenatchee
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: 2010.185.466
    Black and white linen backed image of an apple tree heavy with fruit in an orchard in the Wenatchee, Chelan County, WA area, ca. 1900. (GNRHS Collection). Great Northern
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    Apple growing in the Northwest...
    Creation Date: 1909
    Catalog ID: 1997.1.32
    Call Number: EPH/385/061/N814a/1909
    16 page illustrated booklet (14x7.5 cm.) describing apple growing in the Pacific Northwest "along the scenic highway through the land of fortune." Includes statistics from 1895 to 1908. Black print on green paper. Dated 1909. Ephemera.
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    Program, twelfth Apple Blossom Festival, Wenatchee, Washington
    Creation Date: 1931
    Catalog ID: S1992.6.2
    Call Number: EPH/979.7591/W48p/1931
    4 page program (13x11.5 cm.) for Wenatchee's twelfth Apple Blossom Festival, Chelan County, Washington, April 24 and 25, 1931. Program shaped like an apple, with red front cover. Ephemera.
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    Apple pie ABC
    Creation Date: [ca. 1900]
    Catalog ID: 1994.1.2.446
    Call Number: CHILD./EPH/641.3411/Ap52a/1900
    1 v.; ill. (some col.); 30 cm.; Cover depicts well dressed young girl presenting an apple pie to an obviously poor boy. He is barefooted and his clothing is torn.
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    A Washington Apple Tree
    Creation Date: ca. 1908
    Catalog ID: 2007.133.304
    One postcard (col. ill., 14 x 9 cm.) illustrated with a color photograph of an apple tree laden with red apples. The ground to the right is covered with fallen apples and there is a fruit picking bag near the trunk of the tree. Lynch/White Collection. J.L. Robbins, publisher. Postcard. Ephemera
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    The Apple family is on the way, all the Apples are coming to the Fourth National Apple Show and E-Nak-Ops Jubilee, at Spokane November 23 to 30
    Creation Date: 1911
    Catalog ID: 2017.2.22
    Call Number: EPH/979.7371/Ap52sp/1911
    Illustrated postcard (9x14 cm.) announcing Spokane's fourth national Apple Show and E-NAK-OPS Jubilee. E-Nak-Ops is Spokane spelled backwards. Illustration features parade of apple varieties marching to the apple show, while other fruit (peach, pear, quince and crab apples) aren't allowed. Published in Spokane, WA in 1911. Ephemera. Edward Nolan collection