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    Mah-jongg game set
    Creation Date: ca.1920
    Catalog ID: 1993.26.40
    Mah-jongg game set. Rectangular chest of dark red wood, with metal fittings on corners and two metal handles on top. Removavle sliding front panel provides access to interior. Panel has two Chinese characters in green paint. Interior has 5 slots for drawers, and 4 wooden drawers. Drawers have metal tab pulls (one is missing a tab, another drawer is missing the front side). Drawers hold the tiles, scoring pieces and instruction book. The tiles are made of ivory with bamboo backs. Scoring sticks are of ivory Instruction book: Red book with green, white, red and yellow label detailing book as "Babcock's Rules for Mah-Jongg, The Fascinating Chinese Game." Attached label in front of book states: "Mrs. Donald McFadon/609 North D Street/Tacoma, Wash. 98403." Instruction book measures: 6" long, 4.5" wide and 0.5" thick. Drawers are: 8.75" wide, 5.5" long and 3/4", 13/16", 7/8" and 1 7/16" deep.
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    [Tony Faust Bar & Cafe with teams]
    Creation Date: ca. 1914
    Catalog ID: 2010.149.24.2
    Photograph of Tony Faust Bar and Cafe, 114 E 5th, Olympia, WA, Thurston County. The cafe is in a 1 1/2 story clapboard building. Sashed windows are at the second floor. Storefront windows flank the central entrance. A sign reading "Tony Faust/Bar & Cafe" is over the door. More commercial buildings are on either side of the Faust cafe. There is a retractable awning over the front. In front of the business there are two wagons, each being pulled by a team of two horses. One appears to be a sort of omnibus with a long bed and an awning over it. The lefthand horse has a blanket reading Clark & Son. A man in overalls is standing next to it, holding the reins. He is wearing a wide-brimmed hat and has a cigarette or cigar in his mouth. The other conveyance is lower-slung, possibly a buggy or wagon. Two men stand between the two teams. Both have hands on hips; one wearing overalls and another a working man's clothes. The street is paved with bricks and there are trolley tracks in the foreground. Robert Esterly, photographer
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    [Swiss Float in July 4, 1913 Parade, Tacoma]
    Creation Date: Jul. 4, 1913
    Catalog ID: 2012.0.340
    Call Number: 2012.0.340
    Black and white photographic image of the Swiss float in the July 4, 1913 on a Tacoma, Pierce County, WA street. The float, pulled by 3 teams of decorated horses, has 3 levels. Eight girls wearing sashes across their chests with light colored, Swiss style crosses and illegible writing, are visible on the lowest level. Seven girls wearing sashes with state names on them sit on the next level. Two women with long robes, and one probably dressed as Lady Liberty, sit on the highest level at the back of the float under a canopy with the word Liberty on top. Flowers and bunting arranged in designs decorate the sides of the float. Two liberty bells are partially visible on the float. Three riders sit on the team horses, and a costumed rider is mounted on a horse at the side of teams. A Swiss style cross is on the side of one of the team horses. Billboards are behind the float. Advertisements include: Auto Races; Wrigley's Spearmint; Pastor Russell, Free Bible Lecture, Tacoma Theatre; Seattle the Convention City, National Conference Charites and ___; Koveralls.
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    [Carlson Hotel, Bar, and Barbershop, Wilkeson, WA]
    Creation Date: ca. 1918
    Catalog ID: 2018.26.6
    Call Number: 2018.26.6
    Black and white glass plate negative taken circa 1918 in Wilkeson, Pierce County, WA. Image shows a group of men standing and seated outside the Carlson Hotel and Bar and Barbershop. The hotel, located at 531 Church Street, was built in 1910 by Gus Carlson. There are two single doors on the far left and far right and double doors in the center. Lettering on the transom window above the door on the far left reads "Carlson Hotel". Lettering on the glass in door reads "Entrance Attorney". Lettering in the window next to the door reads "Rooms Apply At The Bar". Lettering reading "The Carlson Bar" is painted on the windows on either side of the double doors. One of the doors is open. An advertisement for Star Tobacco hangs to the left of the double doors. The door to the barber shop on the far right also stands open. Lettering on the window next to the door reads "Barber Shop". A barber pole and American flag hang to the left of the door. There is a striped awning over the front of the building with lettering reading "Carlson Bar". Michael Sullivan Collection
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    [Quiett & Roice, Drugstore, 2411 Sixth Avenue, Tacoma]
    Creation Date: 1893
    Catalog ID: 1964.107.1
    Call Number: Photo A 1964.107.1
    Black and white photographic image of the Quiett & Roice Drugstore, owned by druggists Edward A. Roice and George W. Quiett, at 2411 Sixth Avenue, on the northeast corner of Sixth Avenue and Prospect Street, in the Whites Block building, Tacoma, Pierce County, WA, 1893. Roice and his wife are posing in front of the store's large window. Four men stand in the drugstore's doorway. Adjacent to the drugstore in image right is a storefront sign for the Independent Order of Good Templars: I.O.G.T. Victory Temple. Three boys stand in front. The grocery store of Noah D. Pollom is also in the Whites Block near image right edge. Pollom is one of 4 men standing behind barrels in front of the store, and 2 brooms are beside them. Mr. and Mrs. Pollom lived in the second floor corner of the building after their marriage. A bicycle with larger front wheel stands at the side of the building in image left. A typed paper attached to image reverse describes the scene, and lists future drug stores operated by Roice. Mrs. Pollom is identifed as standing beside her husband in the image, but she is not visible.
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    [set of six souvenir spoons]
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: 2018.73.2
    Set of six souvenir, teaspoon sized spoons, from the States & Cities Souvenir Spoons, manufactured by the Shepard Manufacturing Company, Melrose Highlands, MA, ca. 1900. Spoon subjects include: a) Chief Seattle; b) Princess Angeline; c) Mt. Rainier; d) Olympic (Mountain) Range with large ship in front; e) (Seattle) waterfront; and f) Snoqualmie Falls. All are made of sterling silver and have an oval shaped bowl that is turned up at tip. Spoons A and B may have remnants of gold wash and enamel. The illustrations are engraved with title on edges. The stem undulates to slightly oval shaped top with embossed illustration of George Washington. On each stem is name of State, a fern and an evergreen tree, with curlicue borders. The back has curlicue design on edges and small floral design at bottom of top. Stamped on back stem: Sterling S The donor's family said the silver souvenir spoons were given to seamen as mementos at the end of a voyage. The men then traded them to donor's grandfather for drinks at the bar, the Oxford Bar, located on the southwestern corner of Fourth Avenue and Pike Street in Seattle, WA. Managed by William Deitchler and Otto Tietjens, beginning in about 1897.
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    [Fred Levee Motor & Bicycle Shop]
    Creation Date: ca. 1914
    Catalog ID: 2010.149.14.1
    Photograph of Fred Levee Motor & Bicycle Shop, Columbia Street, Olympia, WA, Thurston County. The shop is a one-story clapboard building with a storefront. The storefront window is painted with the words "Fred Levee Motor & Bicycle Shop". Other signs read "Fred Levee Motor Bicycle Repair Shop," "Excelsior Auto-Cycle/Speedy-Reliable-Simple-Comfortable-Clean," and "Auto Hire." Two men stand outside the shop, next to two bicycles. One man has a cap and a jacket, trousers and vest. His hands are in his pockets. The other man is wearing a homburg hat and an overcoat. One bicycle is leaning against the building, and the other is propped on a stand. To the right of the photo is an automobile, with a third figure visible behind it. The front of the automobile has a small sign reading For Hire hanging on its grate. A sign reading Drifted Snow Flour is hanging on the building. To the left of the bicycle building is a two story clapboard building. Its doorway has the number 403 on it. A tattered retractable awning hangs over both entryways. Part of a window can be seen with large bags, possibly of flour, stacked and visible behind it. Robert Esterly, photographer
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    [souvenir spoon]
    Creation Date: ca. 1900
    Catalog ID: 2018.73.7
    Teaspoon size souvenir spoon, made by Joseph Mayer & Bros., ca. 1900. The three-dimensional, figural spoon is made of sterling silver with gold wash on front and back of bowl. Engraved on the bowlis illustration of a lighthouse and around it, smaller buildings and windmill. Engraved above: Government Lighthouse; engraved below: Westport Wash. The handle is in the shape of a salmon with gold tail, fins, and head. In raised gold letters on its side: Grays Harbor / Salmon. The finial is somewhat round with curlicues on side, rays on top to produce scalloped form. At center is an illustration of a small house with smoke coming out of chimney; trees are on either side. On the back, the top is undecorated except for curlicue border. Fish design is on the back without statement on side. Stamped on top of bowl back: Sterling, and maker's mark of a triangle with fleur-de-lis at center. The donor's family said the silver souvenir spoons were given to seamen as mementos at the end of a voyage. The men then traded them to the donor's grandather for drinks at the bar, the Oxford Bar, located on the southwestern corner of Fourth Avenue and Pike Street in Seattle, WA. The bar was managed by William Deitchler and Otto Tietjens, beginning in about 1897.
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    [matchbook advertising Hargreaves and Orkney]
    Creation Date: ca. 1930 - 1955
    Catalog ID: 2016.24.101
    Matchbook advertising Hargreaves and Orkney, Yakima, WA, ca. 1930 - 1955. Cardboard matchbook is yellow, light green, red, and white with black and white print. On front flap is wide yellow horizontal band with alternating green, red, and white stripes. On back flap is advertisement for insurance with illustration of covered wagon with oxen and human figures with mountains and clouds in background. Inside cover is gray with black print. Four matches with red heads remain. Staple at bottom, on striker. Printed on front: ASK/ HARGREAVES & ORKNEY/ 16 North 2nd Street/ YAKIMA, WASHINGTON/ PHONE: 2-8558/ Close Cover Before Striking. Printed on back: ORGANIZED 1894/ OREGON MUTUAL FIRE INSURANCE CO./ PIONEER MUTUAL OF THE WEST/ SINCE 1894/ OREGON MUTUAL/ FIRE INSURANCE CO./ McMINNVILLE, OREGON. Printed on top: "Save With Safety". Printed on bottom: Universal Match Corp., Portland. Printed on inside: When you buy/ Oregon Mutual/ fire insurance you/ SAVE UP TO 20%/ OUR OVER HALF CENTURY RECORD/ ASSURES YOU/ PROTECTION WITH/ SAFETY/ This saving is possible/ because we accept/ NO BAD FIRE RISKS/ No stronger or better/ fire insurance anywhere./ STANDARD NON-ASSESSIBLE/POLICIES.
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    [safety razor with accessories]
    Creation Date: 1900-1940?
    Catalog ID: 2000.171.94
    Safety razor (a) with stropper (b), two boxes of blades (c, d), an instruction booklet (e), and product box (f). Razor made of silver tone metal. Textured handle; grated area above where blades are inserted. Stropper made of silver toned metal. Round with opening showing sharpening stone. Swivel handle at center top. Two small boxes of golden Empire double edge razor blades in original paper wrappers. Box is rectangular and with cellophane wrapping. Orange/blue color image of Golden Gate Bridge, lighthouse, rising sun on lid. Instruction booklet made of single sheet of white paper folded four times and printed on both sides. Includes photos and diagrams on how to use equipment. Printed on box lid: Kriss/Stropper/Kross/price $6.00/Kriss Kross Corp. St. Louis U.S.A. Printed on brochure: How to Use/the/Kriss Kross/Stropper/and/Razor Molded on stropper: Kriss/Kross Printed on blade box: Golden Empire/Double Edge; The H.K. Smith Co./Golden Empire/Blue Street/El Monte, California Molded on razor: Star Safety Razor Corp/Brooklyn, New York; Star/Patented Mar. 24-14