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    [Roald Amundsen, Portrait]
    Catalog ID: 1933.105.1
    Call Number: PHOTO-A 1933.105.1
    Sepia toned undated photographic image, a studio portrait of the head and shoulders of Roald Amundsen (1872-1928) inscribed to D.E. Crowley, taken by Loman Brothers of Nome, AK. He is wearing a cloth parka lined with fur. A braided rope is draped over his shoulders.
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    [snow goggles]
    Creation Date: 1890-1920?
    Catalog ID: C1962.2.4
    Snow goggles, Arctic culture area / Eskimo, 1890-1920? Handmade and carved of brown wood. They are crescent shaped with hollowed out interior. At center is hollow for nose. Long triangular pierced areas are on either side. Ridge along top has three white beads set into center area. A pair of white beads are set into front between slits. Small loops of sinew are on either end and looped through pair of holes on each side. Given to Capt. George Ekrem in San Francisco, CA by the explorer Roald Amundsen.
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    [lunch basket]
    Creation Date: 1925-1926
    Catalog ID: 1927.35.4
    Lunch basket used by Ettore Arduino on the airship Norge during Roald Amundsen's North Pole exploration, 1926. Handmade of woven wicker (bamboo?), light brown in color. Rectangular with loop closure on front. Lid is removeable.
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    [fuel tank]
    Creation Date: 1923-1924
    Catalog ID: 1927.35.1
    Large cylindrical fuel tank made of silver colored aluminum. From the dirigible "Norge" in which Raold Amundsen made a voyage over the North Pole. Straight sides and curved ends. Straps around each end of sides and ends. Funnel shaped spigot on one end and capped opening on other.
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    [netmaking/mending needle]
    Creation Date: 1980s?
    Catalog ID: 1989.47.10
    Size 13 netmaking/mending needle, made in Norway by Raold Company, ca. 1980s? Manufactured of molded and off-white/tan plastic. One end is pointed with two sides touching at tip. The opposite end has a U shaped cutout with round open circle above it. Sides are raised which leaves a long flat interior. Stamped in blue ink on one interior side: 13 Roald Needle Made in Norway