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A photo of the cover of the WSHM Field Guide

Field Guide to the Hall of Washington History

The WSHM Field Guide to the Hall of Washington History is packed with narrative descriptions, vocabulary, timelines, and drawings. It includes three levels of activity sheets for each area of the Great Hall as well as pre- and post-visit activities for your visit to the History Museum. Before your museum visit, we suggest that you prepare your class by doing a few of the activities described in this guide.

We are happy to offer the Field Guide online for the first time. You may download the complete teacher’s guide at the top link or download PDFs of particular sections.

For an answer key to the worksheets, please email Education Staff. A copy of the answer key is also kept at our information desk on the 3rd floor so that our docents may assist you upon arrival.

Tips for Using the Student Activity Sheets:

  • Select the difficulty level (I, II, III) that is most appropriate for your students. Level I is for elementary, Level II is for middle school, and Level III is for high school.
  • Don’t assign more than two different activity sheets per student.
  • Disperse the topics throughout your student groups (for example: Group 1 does Shaping a New World; Group 2 does Native Heritage; Group 3 does Cities and Towns, etc.).
  • This helps disperse the student groups through the exhibit hall, prevents overload, and allows topical review and reporting by each group when back at school.
  • When searching for answers, students must use a variety of sources (i.e. audio, video, text, photo flipbooks, artifacts, and gallery interpreters).

Please note: The Natural Settings and Encounters sections have been renovated and renamed. Any activity sheets labeled for these sections will no longer apply.