The activity sheets on this page are for use in the Great Hall of Washington History. They are organized by exhibition section.

We are in the process of renovating sections of the Great Hall. Activity sheets for the Natural Settings and Encounters sections no longer apply.

Activity Sheets

Download the Teacher’s Answer Key here.

Helpful hints for using our activity sheets:

  • Don’t assign more than two different activity sheets per student
  • Spread the topics throughout your student groups. This helps disperse students throughout the exhibition, prevents overload, and allows for topical review and reporting by each group when back at school.
  • When searching for answers, students must use a variety of sources (i.e. audio, video, text, photo flipbooks, artifacts, and gallery interpreters)

Note: The Women’s Votes, Women’s Voices section of the Great Hall has recently been removed. If you are creating your own worksheet, please do not include questions related to this section.

For more information, contact the Education Department at 253-798-5879.

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