Come take on the role of a person in history at the Washington State History Museum to earn your Junior “Playing the Past” badge. This is your chance to play the past by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes to discover what they do, what they wear, and what they dream. Girl led, working cooperatively, thinking critically: the museum activity lets your imagination whisk you away to discover everybody has a past! Play the Past at the Washington State History Museum!

Scouts will explore historical figures’ daily lives by reading historical department store catalogs, playing games, designing outfits, and interacting in the Washington State History Museum’s Great Hall of Washington History. They will feel connected to their local and state communities and how they fit into the context of their global community. Girls will see diversity throughout Washington’s history and develop critical and historical thinking skills through inquiry and interaction with one another and the content of our permanent exhibit.

Preview the Girl Scout troop leader directions for the “Everybody Has a Past” badge activity as well as the worksheet used by the Girl Scouts to complete the activity.

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Register your troop for the “Everybody Has a Past.” Play the Past Junior Badge Activity at the Washington State History Museum today!


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