Basic rental rates are one variable to calculate in the overall cost of your event; our excellent service is priceless! WSHS event clients report consistently high satisfaction with our competent and friendly staff, the dramatic architecture and unique setting, and the opportunity to include gallery access for an even more memorable guest experience.

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Your event at WSHS will reflect your tastes and needs. We can connect you with local vendors and resources to craft an event that you and your guests will recall for years to come. Give us a call to make an appointment to meet with our team. We look forward to working with you!

Note: Is your event for a nonprofit organization or government agency? Discounts may apply.

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Hourly Room Rental Rates

Rental Space Seated Capacity Standing Capacity Monday - Thursday cost per hour Friday - Sunday cost per hour Minimum number of hours per rental
Activity Room 50 60 $50 $75 2
Lunchroom 20 N/A $35 $40 2
Education Lobby 45 60 $80 $100 2
Boeing Amphitheater and Plaza (for outdoor events) 250 350 $150 $175 4
Mt. Tahoma Auditorium 220 (additional 30 seats can be brought in) N/A $150 $175 4
Auditorium Lobby 35 50 $40 $50 2
Odlin Lobby (fifth floor near boardroom) 40 70 $75 $100 4
Ben B. Cheney Mezzanine 150 170 $175 $200 4
Staff Lounge 25 N/A $35 $50 2
Grand Lobby (available to rent starting 30 minutes after the museum has closed for the day) 80 200 $150 $175 4
Peter Simpson Boardroom 30 50 $80 $100 4

Additional Fees

Fee Cost
Cleaning Fee $200
Security, Set Up, Break Down $250 for up to 200 guests;
$100 additional if more than 200 guest
AV Equipment Microphones, projector, screen, laptop, portable sound system $25 per space using equipment
Hosted parking $3 per vehicle



Your rental includes

  • Tables and chairs
  • Use of available audio/visual equipment
  • Pre-event planning assistance
  • On-site event support staff
  • Security Services personnel, and
  • A coatroom with securable lockers for your guests. Note: We do not provide a coatroom attendant or monitor, however you are welcome to do so. The Historical Society is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


All spaces are available after the museum closes, and some spaces are available during open hours. Please refer to the rental fee chart for space availability and applicable rates.

Advanced Booking

Planning ahead? Great! Spaces can be booked up to two years in advance.


Clients may select a pre-approved caterer from an authorized list or have a caterer of their choice complete a pre-qualifying application to provide catering services at the History Museum. Catering services must be provided by a licensed, professional catering firm. No personal food or beverage items are allowed.


  • Facility rental fees are based on the space rented, day and time of use, length of use, and any special requirements.
  • Tentative reservations cannot be accepted due to the volume of booked events and school/group tours.
  • A 25% non-refundable rental deposit is required at the time your reservation is confirmed.
  • Full payment is required two weeks in advance of the reservation.
  • A general cleaning fee of $200 will be applied to all catered rentals.
  • Clients may choose a caterer from our list of pre-approved caterers or have a caterer of their choice complete a pre-qualifying application to provide catering services at the History Museum. Some restrictions do apply.


  • Decorating services are the responsibility of the renter.
  • The History Museum does not allow the following items under any circumstance:
    • helium-filled balloons,
    • open flames (excluding votive-type candles),
    • glitter,
    • confetti,
    • rice,
    • birdseed,
    • asparagus fern,
    • plant berries,
    • freshly cut garden flowers or branches.
  • Flowers must come from a licensed florist and be guaranteed pest-free.
  • Decorations must be fire-resistant.
  • Decorations are not allowed in the exhibit galleries.
  • Submit decorating plans to the History Museum’s event coordinator for pre-approval prior to the event.


All event deliveries and removals must be scheduled in advance with the History Museum’s event coordinator and/or Security Services. Security Services personnel will not accept unscheduled deliveries.

Exhibit Galleries

Your facility rental includes up to two hours of access to exhibition galleries! Renters have the choice of the Great Hall of Washington History located on the main floor, or the featured exhibition galleries, located on the fifth floor.

If you’d like access to all of the galleries and/or more time for your visitors to enjoy the galleries, please let us know, we can arrange that for an additional fee.

Need more information?

We are happy to answer your questions! Please contact Mark Sylvester at 253-798-5891 or